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  1. great read, brilliantly written and truly inspirational story.
    Wallsend on Tyne

  2. This is my first time pay a visit at here and i am in fact
    happy to read everthing at one place.

  3. Laura, I am reading your most excellent book UNBROKEN. In WWII for sure we had many courageous heroes. Than you for bringing us news of this Louie. Rick PS thank you for the hours of research it must have taken you AND all your writer skills. Rick

  4. I would like to send Ms Hiilenbrand a Seabiscuit hat for an autograph , been around race horses all my life. Thanks
    Mark Shepperd Please provide me with a mailing address, for this request.

  5. I’m a Cold War Army vet.I read this book in less than 2 weeks and finished it just before Veteran’s Day ’14. I’ve read many WWII books and watched many movies but this is the first book of that genre that physically and emotionally moved me. I couldn’t describe Mr. Zamperini’s torture to my wife without having to collect myself and dry my eyes. My being seemed heavier and my mood darkened as I progressed from one horrible event to another. The local Veteran’s Day ceremony brought me to tears thinking about what so many military and civilian men and women experienced on either side of the oceans. Their sacrifice of self and family. The events that our veterans of the previous and current wars relive and live with is extraordinary. When I was serving, I often wondered how I would perform in battle and how I would handle those events in my post-war life. I’ll probably never know but I doubt that I could have held on as Mr. Zamperini and with that amount of dignity and then the social service he provided in his post-war life. This is just another example of why the WWII generation is the greatest generation. I am truly in awe.

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  7. I have just finished reading your book Unbroken. I can’t remember a book that has brought out so many emotions, it beggars belief what people endured, the strength of the human spirit, courage and resilience, but sadly what humans will do to each other.
    My Great Uncle was captured in Singapore on his 21st birthday and was enslaved on the Burma railway, he never spoke of it, and carried his experiences and nightmares to the grave.
    Thank you for recording the story of Louie’s life, it will live on forever.

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  9. one of the most compelling and amazing stories i have ever read.

    I have never cried so much during a book.

  10. hello Laura…
    I’ve just bought your book which I wasn’t actually searching for, but spotted on the shelf at a local Target store and decided it was something I would really get into…having just finished Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugard’s co-authored documentary ~> Killing Patton. I found it quite interesting however, that coincidentally, both books happen to make mention of Anne Frank (on pg. 4 of your book). The mention of Adolf Hitler in both books is surely more expected, of course. I wonder now what other interesting similarities I may find in common with the 2 books as I continue reading Unbroken. :-)

  11. Hello Laura, my 95 year old WWII buddy, Don Harder, flew B24′s in the war. He was a radioman. Don and I have both read Unbroken. On page 79 is a picture of a B24 getting shot down. The name of that plane was “Black Nan”. Don witnessed it getting shot down that day from his plane. Don asked me to help locate you. I think Don would like to talk to you about some of his B24 flying experiences. Don’s phone number here in Oostburg Wisconsin is 920-550-5549. Please give him a call. Kind regards, Hal R Seider 920-946-1160

  12. Hi my name is Grace Cooper and my teammates for a nation wide project for national history day would like to interview you for this project. It would inspire people across the world and give them greater attention to your book. The topic is leadership and legacy and we decided to do the number one leader in our hearts that is going to to take the first place stand, Louis Zamperini. For this important project we need to interview someone who knew this man as a primary source. Would you please email me confirming that you would like to be asked 10 advanced questions from your heart of this great man. Thank you, from gracie Cooper 8thgrader at moultrie middle school.

  13. I just finished Unbroken and really enjoyed it. I really like your style of writing as it lightens up things when they get too serious. I am amazed he lived through the experience and lived to age 97.

  14. I just finished reading Unbroken. It is the best book I have read i n a long time. Thank you for a wonderful story.

  15. I was born a few days before Pearl Harbor, but my family was relatively untouched by WWII. Thanks to this outstanding book, I have gained a deep appreciation for the men and women who went to war and saved our world.

  16. My father was a bomber crew chief 2nd WW in Europe. I am very familiar with the B24 and have actually ridden in the only flying copy extant. A quick skim of the book revealed a gross error of fact in chapter 6, page 77. The plane is credited with taking off with 75,000 lbs. of ordinence. This is 1,000% more than the capability of the aircraft. 7,500 lbs. is about the maximum. It’s hard to believe this escaped all the proof reads. A quick “google” will confirm this 3,500-5,000 was normal. Sorry, I hope you get this corrected at some point.

  17. Hi Laura, I wanted you to read this post that my son wrote on Facebook. He has huge following: You think YOU got problems???
    I just finished a book recently called Unbroken. It’s a true story about a World War II pilot that went almost literally to hell and back via crashed planes, 47 days on a raft at sea with no food (world record), constant shark attacks, and being rescued by a Japanese crew who kindly escorted him to a Japanese POW camp where he was tortured and starved daily for years.
    He miraculously made it through weighing in at a whopping 79 pounds and became a world renowned speaker and evangelist. Most of his friends at sea with him didn’t even survive the 47 day rafting adventure.
    Here was the best line of the book …
    “The one’s who survived were those who chose to view each set of problems as a challenge to their intelligence.”
    Perspective was LITERALLY the difference between life and death.
    The dudes on the raft who saw their situation as hopeless simply died. The other guys spent each day cleverly collecting and storing rain water, figuring out ways to kill birds and fish, and (this is my favorite part) peppering each other with questions to keep their minds from devolving into a state of psychosis. They never lost hope. They never quit.
    When the main character of the book arrived at the POW camp he viewed all his torture as a challenge to his will and dignity. He refused to let them break him.
    This is all symbolic of life.
    Life is war. Every day is a battle.
    We are all currently adrift at sea fighting for our lives. If not our lives then our hearts – to keep our hearts alive and not lose hope.
    This world does not like your heart. This world wants to KILL your heart. Your mission is to keep it alive. And, oh, while you’re at it? Make sure your fellow soldiers’ hearts stay alive as well. You get medals for that in the afterlife.
    Myself included.
    Don’t be fooled by the smiles and laughter. People are dying inside, whether they know it consciously or not. The smartest people in the world know it and feel it the sharpest.
    Start viewing your problems as no more than that … problems. Everyone has them. I have them. If you knew my problems you would fall right out of your chair. You have no idea.
    Problems can be solved. They may be too big for you to solve them, but the very act of trying enlarges you to the point where you can. That’s why they’re here in the first place. Problems are your friend, not your enemy. They’re an opportunity for growth, and growth is the point.
    What’s your biggest problem? Believe the answer is out there, search for it, try a million different things, and solve it. You will never have that problem again. It will be quickly be replaced by something much bigger. : ) Such is life. Expecting anything different is to be out of synch with reality, delusional and miserable.
    REAL life is not a big party with some hardships sprinkled in to be brushed away as quickly as possible.
    REAL life is war with some parties sprinkled in to give you a taste of the eternal party to come.
    Get it out of your head that life should be easy. I used to think that and it made me absolutely miserable. Lower “comfort” on your list of values from the top to off the list completely. People who value comfort are losing the battle BIG TIME. They’re not even in it. They are scared, hiding draft dodgers who trick themselves into thinking they’re something they are not.
    I HIGHLY recommend reading that book. After seeing what this one man endured, my problems looked a heck of a lot smaller to me. I’ve got some challenges, but I mean … sharks aren’t jumping up at my face all day while I’m hungry. That would be super annoying.

  18. So good to hear that you are able to recraft Louis Z’s story so younger readers can appreciate the sacrifice he made, as well as numerous others. This is the second book of yours I read, and am both exhilarated and exhausted.Your attention to detail and graceful quality to composition of events that I had no former knowledge of held me engrossed from start to finish. Looking forward to your next work,


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  21. Hi Laura. I received your Goodreads email today regarding your young readers rewrite of Louie’s story Unbroken. THANK YOU! I have already used pieces of the original to help my students pick out keywords and ideas, and now I can take it to a greater audience. You just made my day! Thank you for sharing your craft.


  22. Ms. Hillenbrand, Unbroken is one of the best non-fiction books I have read. It is a great idea to write a version for younger readers. I can’t wait for the movie. I only hope it does your book and Louie’s story justice.

  23. Ms. Hillenbrand,

    I’m sure you may unaware of the connection I have to your book “Unbroken.” While doing family research on my uncle, I was made aware of your book, which incorporated or referred to history of the 529th and 530th Bombardment Squadrons and the 380th Bomber Group, which arrived at Hickham Field, Hawaii. I had hoped to send you a personal email, and hope that you are able to respond to this. In your book, “Unbroken,” the plane that went missing, Corpening’s Crew listed a passenger on their list. That passenger was my uncle; MSgt. Richard E. Boucher. I have been haunted by the connection between Louis Zamperini and his story, whose plight was precipitated by the search for a plane on which my uncle fly and is still listed as Missing In Action. I wish I had had the opportunity to meet Mr. Zamperini.

  24. Laura Hillenbrand, you are an amazing woman! I enjoyed reading “Seabiscuit” but “Unbroken” just blew me away! There are not enough words to describe the admiration and respect I have for one who is capable of this talented writing and now to top it off with a children’s version. Just amazing! I send you warm wishes for all that is good.

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  26. I simply enjoyed reading this book of courage and human redemption. being a fire expert for the last 35 years I have meet several burn survivors that over came mountains of pain and severing to over come all odds of survival . One example is Louise Taylor who I represented after serving 42 in prison for the death of 28 in a hotel fire in Tucson Arizona , he was innocent and . Last year he was released at the age of 59 . This story needs to be told and Laura needs to tell it . All the best Patrick Andler

  27. Laura, you are an artist with words! Thanks for sharing your gift with the rest of us. I only just started reading Unbroken, and already have to tell you, thank you. There were several sentences that I needed to linger on because you crafted them so well. Not only do I get to read a great story, but I get to enjoy an inspiring writing style. Thanks!

  28. Laura,
    I just finished reading “Unbroken” great story, thanks so much. I was fascinated with the book and the story of survival even more so that Bird survived as well. I hope the children of Louie carry on his legacy and story beyond the book and film.

    I’m also intrigued with your chronic illness, CFS. Have you been tested for Lyme disease? I would encourage you to get tested. I’m curious if you where cleared of that diagnosis before you where given the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  29. Всем привет

  30. Dear Ms. Hillenbrand,

    Thank you for becoming a writer.

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  33. Hello! My name is Christine and I am working on my final senior portfolio as a journalism major at Auburn University. I have done some research on Operation International Children and would love to conduct a short interview with Ms. Hillenbrand purely about OIC.

  34. Gclub, I purchased Unbroken through Amazon 3 weeks ago for book club, imagine my surprise I get to chapter that almost half pages are cut off! From page 206 to 236 are damaged. I will still read it but disappointing. Molly

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  36. Dear Laura,

    When an acquaintance learned that I had 78-speed propaganda records from the radio show “The Postman Calls,” but did not know their purpose, she suggested that I read “Unbroken.” Those records, now transcribed onto a CD, belonged to my late uncle who was captured at Corregidor, and became a Japanese Prisoner of War for 3 1/2 years.

    Though he was just a big, lazy kid who’d joined the Army in a show of bravado, and Unbroken is the story of brave, resilient Louis Zamperini, they had in common great suffering–in captivity and when they returned. Unbroken has presented in great deal what my uncle endured and why his return was so challenging–for him, and for his family.

    Thank you for writing Unbroken. It gives a voice to so many men who couldn’t, or wouldn’t tell their stories. The world will know of the atrocities suffered in Japanese prison camps and the valiant struggles of those who survived to function once again in society.

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  39. I read ‘Seabiscuit’ several years ago and just finished ‘Unbroken’. Thank you, thank you, thank you Laura Hillenbrand for teaching me about two monumental episodes in America’s history that were all but forgotten and would have remained so if not for your meticulous, loving research and incredible authorship. You have enriched my life!

  40. Dear Laura, I have just finished your outstanding book Unbroken; I came upon it as I was ordering “The Invention of
    Wings” As both of my parents were in WW2, Mom an army nurse and Dad in medical supply, I was interested. Also a couple of uncles were in the Pacific. Oh my, the struggles of the strong men and women and the evil of the oppressors. As a child of the 50′s I remember drills in school to march into shelters…
    Also remember listening and watching Billy Graham. I live in
    Minneapolis, and know Rev. Graham had headquarters here.
    Thank you so much for this gift. Hope we can each in our own way stop the suffering and abuse of our fellow man.
    Looking forward to the movie. Gratefully, Pat

  41. Just completed Unbroken… AMAZING ! Your work on this really paid off – producing a compelling story of grit, courage endurance and success.

    Here is a great link to see the B-24 inside and out … move the mouse and you can see it all in 3D. copy and paste this link:

  42. Dear Laura,

    Does bending your head forward still cause dizziness? Upper cervical chiropractic is very effective at helping that condition. Look up http://www.atlasorthogonal or, if your haven’t. This type of treatment will help in your recovery.

    Unbroken was Fabulous!

    Respectfully Submitted,
    James E. Fitzpatrick, DC

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  45. Absolutely loved this book! Truly inspirational, and really is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read! Can’t wait for the movie, hoping it will live up t the great example this book set!

  46. Loved the book! Wished for two days after that it hadn’t ended.
    Two treatments for chronic fatigue which did wonders for my sister: D-ribose 5g 3xday and faith that God will give you the answer after some research on your part. The answer’s different for each individual. I spent years finding “the cure” to my autoimmune disease (lupus) and with God’s help found the nutrients and balance my body was deficient in. Once I did I couldn’t believe how quickly my body rebounded. Went from bedridden to fully thriving in a couple years! It’s not that I don’t still have bad days. I know that I still have this genetic tendency and need to really be careful with my energy at times of sickness and stress. I pray that the answers will come to you as you ponder over the matter. Best wishes to you! You are an incredibly talented writer and I truly appreciate you sharing that talent with me!

  47. Hello Laura,

    Big fan of your books. Quick question we are producing a film based on a true story that revolves around the coal industry. Long story short it’s based on the Rich family who are the largest land owners in Pennsyvania. I wanted to see if you’d be interested in looking at the story to adapt into a book. It’s a remarkable. I’m sure your repped at either CAA or WME. If you would be so kind to point me in the right direction of who represents you that would be wonderful.

    Looking forward to watching Unbroken. I sincerely hope they did the book justice.

    All the best,


  48. Hello. I purchased Unbroken through Amazon 3 weeks ago for book club, imagine my surprise I get to chapter that almost half pages are cut off! From page 206 to 236 are damaged. I will still read it but disappointing. Molly

  49. Just started reading Unbroken. Its sickening how you sold your soul to the Jews by keeping the lie of the HoloHoax alive and the unjust demonizing of Adolf Hitler who turned Germany around during the 30s.

    Jesse Owens was snubbed by FDR, not Hitler, who waved to him.

  50. I just finished Seabiscuit, which had gathered dust in my library fort a number of years, a gift from my daughter-in-law, and I have to tell you it was the first book of thousands I’ve read over my 72 years that I did not want to end. You captured not only the essence of the racing world but truly the essence of the times as they were. You actually brought tears to my eyes as I read the incredible account of the match race with War Admiral. You writing is elegant as I suspect are you and I know I will pick up this wonderful accounting of the Horse and his entourage and read it again and again God willing…Thank you for this incredible effort and best wishes to you and yours.

    Gary J Thuro

  51. I finished the book last night. One of the best books I have read in a long time next to “Lone Survivor”. The way Ms Hillenbrand uses the words to explain the pain and suffering of the POWs in the Asian Threater was excellent. I had a difficult time putting the book down. I have read several books on WWII and the battles, people and results. This one has really touch my heart. The chapter on his becoming a christian was very moving. Louie’s struggles after war and the paths that took him through the remainder of his life really touched my spirit. Thank you Ms Hillenbrand for bringing the life of Louie Zamperini to the American public. I plan to see the movie, but the movie is never as good as the book. Thank you again for the research and writing a book that tells the story of an American hero like no other.


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  54. Laura, I just finished reading Unbroken. What a fantastic tale told so superbly that the book keeps the reader riveted. I was not aware of all the brutality and murder of our Americans and found what the Bird did disgusting. A great story and inspirational. It was great to watch some of the videos too. God Bless you Laura.

  55. Dear Laura,
    Just wanted to let you know that I’m sitting in a 10th grade World History class and the students are avidly discussing your book, Unbroken. I am loving this! Thank you for inspiring our youth!

  56. Your book has been on my list to read since its release in 2010. Although an avid reader, time was consumed by my professional job and volunteer endeavors but fast-forward four years, I can finally say I can check Unbroken off my list.

    It was a raw read and I was utterly hooked from the start. It horrifies me to know it is real, not a fictitious tale. My grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, refused to speak of her camp interment, her escape, and her use as a translator that ultimately led to her survival. Reading this book made me wish that she had. Louie’s story is of courage. His survival is a testament to bravery I can’t even imagine. It struck a chord that is hard for me to articulate.

    Your own struggle with health issues is one too of resilience. In July, I was forced to take a leave of absence from work to address my health issues that spiraled out of control. I don’t normally take the time to contact authors but while I have unexpected, forced time on my hands, I felt compelled. I have been documenting my journey in a blog as a means of sharing information and resources to others who also suffer from autoimmune diseases with the ultimate hope I can be a source of inspiration and empathy. However, I can only hope that through my continued journey I can summon an ounce of the strength that you so eloquently documented and shared with the world – both that of the war heroes and your own. Thank you.

  57. Just finished reading Unbroken! What an amazing life Louis Zamperini lived and God’s faithfulness through out his life was so evident! Thank you for choosing to write a story that was so incredible and inspiring! Please keep doing what your doing! God has certainly blessed you with a gift for writing!

  58. Laura, I have been wanting to contact you to say I loved your books Seabiscuit and Unbroken. I have had CFS the last 16 years and know your battle with this godawful illness. Your books offered a temporary and blissful diversion from the darkness of my life due to CFS. Thank you for putting a face on CFIDS. I call it the “Rodney Dangerfield” of illnesses because it doesn’t get any respect. Maybe there will be a treatment before I die, but not counting on it. I look forward to your next book and hope you are doing well. Bill Sullivan, Sacramento, CA. God Bless

  59. Miss Laura,Great Book,like Seabiscuit.WW2 is my area Of concern.Omori was a brutal place.A garbage dump,built by other pows.The japanese made a rice distribution center out of the pow camp.By stealing rice,pows survived.They were sold into slave labor.My late Uncle Robert worked making Japanese Zeros.He was captured in the philippines after being injured in the Colin Kelly flight.Very little is written about Omori.I will review the movie.kindest regards,Mike Altman

  60. Just a fan eagerly awaiting your next best seller! I admire immensely the depth of research of your subject, followed by your gift for presenting your subject in a organized yet gripping style. That you have accomplished this all the while dealing with fatigue syndrome is remarkable. I thank you for the many hours of pure joy I have experienced reading your books.

  61. I am so grateful for being introduced to such a remarkable life story of Louis Zamperini through, probably the best book I’ve ever read – Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I am only 17, but I’ve read hundreds of books and I’m still waiting for the one that’s gonna leave a bigger impact on me. Truly extraordinary.

    Mrs. Hillenbrand, thank you.

  62. My boyfriend is a huge fan of yours and I want to get him an autographed book! Please please please consider helping me. He is turning 18 and I want to get him something special !

  63. I am currently reading the kindle version it truly is a very inspiring book.It makes you realize that we as Americans,take a lot for granted.I have a fathernlaw who is alive at age 95 and spent 2 years in a German prison of war camp.I would be interested if Laura Hillenbrand would be interested in writing a book about his life.

  64. After reading both Seabiscuit and Unbroken I wanted to know more about the author. I learned Laura Hillenbrand suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrom.

    Please forward this information about her disease and possible treatment.

    Stanford Medicine School has a video on YouTube “CFS E20″ based on the article “Immune system disruption: the search for answers” by Kris Newby. The YouTube video features Dr. Jose Montoya and is about the Stanford Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Initiative and especially about a young woman who has been treated and cured.

    I hope this will be helpful.
    Patricia Hanlon

  65. Hi Laura,
    Finished Unbroken a few days ago. I generally don’t enjoy biography, but this blew me away.
    I sort of figured a lot of it was made up, because, of course, you weren’t there and I figured there wasn’t much record of his life.
    When I got near the end of the book, it became clear that there were countless hours of interviews.
    Anyway, great book. Thanks so much.
    p.s. And your photo in the back is stunning.
    Charles Sibirsky

  66. I am finding it most difficult to stop reading UNBROKEN. By far the best book I’ve read all year. Thanks so much for writing this, and hopefully Miss Jolie does this justice on the big screen.

  67. I was moved by the story of Louie’s life. I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into this book but am thankful for all the people that contributed to it. I most appreciate the way the story was told and let the reader form his own opinions. I am mostly shocked that I’ve never heard of Louie’s life before this book. Our society needs a wake up call to start valuing this hero and others like him.

  68. Dear Laura:
    When I recently saw the story about Lois Zamperini’s death and your interview I knew I had to right you with an idea about a future book that you would be a great author for. I know you probably have other ideas for books but I would like to propose one for your consideration. This story, like Unbroken, is a story of survival – but more.
    On September 23, 2005, President George Bush draped the pale blue ribbon of the Congressional Medal of Honor on 76-year-old Tibor “Ted” Rubin for his heroic actions as an American soldier and POW during the Korean Ward 55 years earlier. On April 11, 2013 President Barack Obama posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor to CPT (Chaplain) Emil Kapuan, a Roman Catholic priest (whose photo has an uncanny resemblance of a young Kirk Douglas), for his heroism and sacrifice in Korea 63 years before.
    Why are these two Medal of Honor recipients connected? Both served with the 8th Cavalry during the Korean War and both may have been in the same North Korean prisoner of war camp. Both performed heroic acts in that POW camp that resulted in saving the lives of numerous other American POWs. Both are two heroes of “the Forgotten War” that need to be recognized for their sacrifice and bravery. Both of these heroes risked their lives in the POW camp to gather food and care for their fellow POWs (in fact CH Kapuan nickname in the camp was Father Ditmus [so called from the thief crucified with Jesus]).
    Tibor Rubin is unique in that he is the only Jewish Holocaust survivor (he survived the Mathausen Death camp) to receive the MoH. Father Kapuan is one of only a few Chaplains to receive the MoH and may be the only MoH recipient to be canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church.
    I think their story would make an exceptional book about survival, sacrifice and bravery. I include a short synopsis of their story for you.

    Very Respectfully,

    Roger L. Ward

    PS Gary Sinise would be a great director for a movie about Rubin & Kapuan

  69. Hi Laura, I’m a hairstylist and one of my clients who is doctor read your book and asked that I contact you. She said that there was strep mentioned in your history My son his 25 was a college student training for the olympic tryouts in boxing when it hit him out of the blue. He was bedridden for the 3 years and has been getting better for the last year. We finally found that he has a autoimmune disease to strep that effected his body and brain. It is very rare but can be tested and treated.There are only four specialist within the specialiy in the country that treat this illness. I travel 4 hour each way to Doctor Bouboulis in Darian Conn. he is a genius. It’s been a nightmare . I I never leave any stones unturned. As you can see I’m as far from a writer that one can be. Wishing you the best. Dianne

  70. Just finished your book,audio edition. Will be recommending and gifting to all readers known to me. What a life and story. Please continue to write these transcending tales that everyone should be able to witness through your work.

  71. Thank you for this amazing book! It is giving me such courage and inspiration as I suffer with symptoms of CFS and Fibromyalgia. I practice writing and someday hope to publish something of value. I am telling everyone to read Unbroken because I feel it can strengthen anyone’s resolve. Lynette

  72. Hello Laura,

    I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a book about my mother. She is 86 years old. Born in the US, she moved to Japan as a young girl. Her story is about survival and escape from Hiroshima in the aftermath of the atomic bomb…

    I’m not a writer, but think there are many that would love to hear her story.


  73. Just finished the book while vacationing in New Orleans. Went to the WW2 Museum today and was so very grateful to have read the book. My dad served in Guam, , Tinian, and Saipan and just died in February. All of this together leaves me quite emotional and so much more aware of what the war meant to all of us. I am so glad I had the opportunity to read Laura’s book!

  74. Hi-

    I am very interested in finding out if Laura would be available and interested in speaking to an audience of parents in the Fort Worth/ Dallas Area?

    I saw on her website she will be in the Area on Dec. 6th.

    We host this event with 4 Private schools in the Fort Worth area and would love to get the opportunity to host Laura at this Speaker Forum Event.
    Please send information of brooking Laura to : (817) 917-3444..

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you,
    Moira Taylor

  75. Dear Ms. Marvin,

    I would like to contact Ms. Laura Hillenbrand regarding the idea for a new book. It is in the horse racing genre and is a true story. Hopefully, you can pass along my email (above)and my phone number, 919-270-2578.

    It is my hope that Ms. Hillenbrand is well enough to discuss this with me.

    Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter. I hope you can help me.

    Jennifer Rainey

  76. Hello Laura,

    I am a songwriter. My partner Jeana and I wrote this song “When the Only One Cheering is You” about the inspirational story of Louis Zamperini. We would like to share it with you.

    We would be very interested in your and his thoughts and comments on the song.

    All the best,

  77. Ms. Hillebrand: if there is any chance you will read this I would like to express my disappointment in learning that Ms. Jolie has omitted the most important part of your great story about Louis. I understand his bout with alcoholism and commitment to Christ will not be in the film….Was there not anything you could have done about this?
    Thank you

  78. Pete Zamparini was my husbands high school coach and favorite teacher and Louise and Anthony Zamparini were our first landlords. We never met Louie but I can still remember 40 years ago hearing the pride in Louise voice when she talked about Louie. Louie was not the only Zamparini to make an impression, I treasure Mrs Zamparinis recipe for meat sauce that she taught me when I was first married and Mr Zamparinis advice for a long marriage “never go to bed angry” which have proved to be valuable advice. Knowing the three Zamparinis that we did know it is no wonder Louie was such a remarkable man, he came from an incredible family.

  79. Great book
    My problems seem so minor compare to Lou’s
    I have been a guardian on honor flight 7 times
    And the world war 2 veterans have great stories
    The ww2 memorial in DC is great
    When I read your book I thought I was right there
    Keep up the good work,
    Dean mahovlic

  80. Dear Ms. Hillenbrand,

    I am a Japanese native and enjoyed reading Unbroken. The story of a real person with superb will power, determination, vulnerability and strength is superb. I also found the detailed observation of WWII and POW life from the U.S. military person very interesting. I feel it is important to understand the historical event from various perspectives.

    I have a few questions, though, as follows:

    1) Page 315, Line 9-10; “eaten alive in ritual acts of cannibalism.” I am not aware of such ” ritual acts of cannibalism” in Japanese culture. Where is this statement coming from? If it is true, and mentioned by Mr. Zamerini, being such a person with meticulous details and “superlative pack rat,” I would like to see the source of this statement. If this is not true, I would like to have this corrected. This could be very offensive to Japanese people.

    2) Page 321, Line 17; “leaving Japan, he hoped….” Okinawa is a part of Japan. So Louis was not leaving Japan when he was airborne on the way to Okinawa. This statement could be very offensive to people of Okinawa.

    I would appreciate if I can receive your reply.

    Tomoko Takahashi

  81. This is my first time go to see at here and
    i am truly pleassant to read everthing at alone place.

  82. I rarely venture outside of the world romance novels, but this caught my eye! I found I couldn’t put it down! Great job. Thank you for such an intimate insight into the world of Japanese POW’s.

  83. I’m looking forward to reading “Unbroken”.

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  85. Hi Laura I love your books. I’m a huge fan. I’m just wondering are you working on any new books at this time? anxiously await your next work – your loyal fan LE

  86. Thank you so much for writing “Unbroken.” It is truly one of the most fascinating stories I’ve ever read!

  87. Thanks for your books. I love them.

  88. Wow. I just finished the book. I had purchased a hard copy of Unbroken for my youngest son’s 21st birthday as he shares an interest in WWII aircraft and biographical stories from that era. My copy is the paperback version that became available recently before buying it for myself. Unlike some that have posted here about it being so riveting they could not put it down, I was only able to get through it in much smaller, slower-paced doses. True stories like this of such horrific experiences cannot be quickly devoured regardless of the skill of the writer. It was Ms. Hillenbrand’s writing style that first riveted me to the anecdotes of Louie’s early history, but when the events transitioned from interesting details to the incredible life raft survival saga, I had to take periodic breaks to allow me to process the intensity of what those men endured. The cruelty of POW life Louie was forced to experience, along with so many others, at times left me unable to continue reading. I had to put the book down for a day or two just to let the emotional intensity subside enough to continue. I am especially appreciative of Ms. Hillenbrand’s description of Louie’s spiritual epiphany and the life of faith that transformed him into the better version of himself I think most of the readers hoped for as they read about his immediate post-war struggles. As I finished the last page I could almost sense the immense blessings that have rippled outward from Louie to all of those that came into contact with him after his religious faith conversion. What a tremendous story of survival, suffering and redemption. I salute Louis Zamperini and the incredible research efforts of Laura Hillenbrand for bringing his almost larger-than-life story. Saude!

  89. Author Laura Hillenbrand has written another truly brillant body of work: “Unbroken.” As a former Cold War prisoner of the early Moslem Jihadists, I can relate to what it means to be at the hands of some very severe captors. Ms. Hillenbrand captured more than just the essence of being a prisoner, she brings the reader to feel the pain and suffering of being a prisoner held in a foreign land by those who hate us for being Americans or unlike them. I trained former Japanese WWII pilots and would routinely ask them about their “War Culture” as Ms. Hillenbrand so perfectly articultated in “Unbroken.” Ms. Hillenbrand also captured the strong and determined spirit of those who resist being brought down by their captors. Congratulations to this wonderful author and may she enjoy good health and happiness in all that she continues to do.

    Best regards, Go Big! or Go Home! Go Navy!

    CDR Jerry K. Loeb, USN (Ret.)
    Author: “Anthem”

  90. The last time I read a book in two days was “THE GODFATHER”. “UNBROKEN” was glued to my hands. I love the TRUE triumph when all odds are against you themes. CINDERELA MAN,THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED, to name a few. I own Seabiscut the movie and now I want to get the book! What are you working on now? Keep up the good work(s)!

  91. I just finished reading Unbroken and wanted to thank you for writing this book. My father was in the occupation forces in Japan for at least a year with the Army Air Corp as a radio operator. I think I now realize why he hated the Japanese people so much. I wish he was still here so I could ask him about what he knew about the former POW’s and there treatment. He also lost an Uncle in a B-24 in the Pacific area on 8 Dec 1941. His aircraft was lost for unknown reasons and no sign ever found.

  92. Laura,
    Thank you for writing Unbroken. The book was beautifully written and a fitting tribute to Mr. Zamperini, Phil, and the other POWs and their families. Having just finished reading it, I feel emotionally drained and uplifted. This is a story, and a book, I will never forget.
    Very respectfully,
    Dave Grogan

  93. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to get to know Mr. Zamperini. Ms Hillenbrand, you don’t need me to echo the words of millions before me regarding this amazingly written and telling work of art. Yet suffice it to say I am ill-equipped to praise it, you and all those involved (including the unwillingly POWs and their loved ones) adequately.

    Mr. Zamperini’s story is of course, incredible and your skill as a writer succeeded in placing me and no doubt all other readers “right there”, almost feeling every emotion, every vicious blow and every moment of happiness.

    This book has accomplished a number of things for me. Three of them are, the education I received, the “entertainment” of being engrossed in a wonderful book and the escapism a “good book” provides.

    The following two are perhaps the most important…

    One, I feel as if I lost a “best friend”… and two, I will never be able to walk past a 90-something year old again without wondering who I am walking past.

    Thanks for your “work of art”, and based on the book’s credits and closing words, I hope your health is in top form.


  94. I had heard about this book and felt driven to read it. I bought it recently. It’s a fairly large book, and I thought it would take quite a while to get through it. I was wrong! I could scarcely put it down, and read it in its entirety in about 5 days. This book is so well written! One of the best adjectives to describe it is “riveting”! Thank you, Ms. Hillenbrand, for writing this book and telling this story! There were parts that moved me so deeply that I WEPT! I will be recommending this book many times over, and will be purchasing copies to give as gifts! Again, thank you!

  95. Just read that Ms Jolie gas decided to remove the pivotal point of Louies life, of the story of his being able to forgive from the movie, I have bought and given away probably 25 of your books to friends. Thank you for writing it. I truly believe that if Louie were alive to see the movie shown with no reference to Gods healing grace, he would have felt deeply hurt and betrayed.

    Thanks for writing it in truth for him
    Kind regards, Greg Eagy

  96. Thanks designed for sharing such a fastidious idea,
    piece of writing is pleasant, thats why i have read it entirely

  97. I just complete a review of Unbroken. It’s available to read at

    Thanks for writing about Zamperini’s life!

  98. After reading Unbroken about a local legend, Louis Zamperini, I decided to read Seabiscuit and just finished it. Thank you for the experience you shared in both of these books. You inspire the reader to truly learn and understand about each topic. While reading Unbroken, I discovered that I could only read it during the day, as it gave me nightmares filled with sharks and explosions. I found myself googling WWII and talking to friends who remembered their experiences. I was also able to share my husband’s passion for aviation and he taught me to identify planes. I have reread chapters of Seabiscuit, googled videos of the races, and have not stopped thinking about the story for the past three days since finishing the book. I feel compelled to share how much I have gained from your books. Thank you seems so meager, but it is truly heart felt.

  99. I just finished reading Unbroken. I’m sure that you’ve heard it many times before, but “I could not put it down!”. Excellent and inspiring book on the life of a truly American hero.
    My late father was a combat veteran of the Pacific War. He was at Guam, Okinawa, the Philippines and a small, unknown island where his path intersected with Ernie Pyle on the war correspondent’s last day. Daddy was 43 when I was born in 1963. He died when I was 18. He never talked about the war. I became curious about the time I turned 40 and did extensive research on his military career during WWII. I contacted many of his Army friends and got information. I had it bound in an album and wound up sending it to 33 states and 2 to the Philippines. It was a soul journey of closure for me.
    I know that everyone thinks that their story is unique and special, but I’d be glad to send a copy of the album to you as a gift and thank you for writing Unbroken.
    Also, if you should ever embark on another research project for a book, I’d be glad to volunteer any research time to help you.
    Marc Willis
    Birmingham, AL

  100. just finished “Unbroken” and must tell you that it is undoubtedly the most difficult and most engaging book I have read in a long time. It is superbly written, incredibly researched and presents an horrific story that informs the reader so well. It is a book that I have recommended enthusiastically as a “must”. I hope that Laura continues to enjoy many years of prosperity and fulfillment because of this work; and I hope that she contiues to enrich our lives with her talents.

  101. Just finished unbroken. Wondering, what ever happened to Louie’s wife? Were they together till the end?

    Dear Laura,
    I read “Seabiscuit” years ago, and “Unbroken” just recently. Both are fantastic, easy-to-read inspirational books. But what has inspired me the most is knowing that you accomplished these while dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    Wanting to know more about your illness and how you experienced it, I read the 2010 Washington Post article, and also your article “A Sudden Illness” in the New Yorker.

    For the past ten years I have also had Chronic Fatigue, Depression and chronic pain, and I’ve been searching for a cure. As a psychiatrist I first utilized the best that my profession and western medicine has to offer, but they helped very little. So I took a spiritual approach, turned to eastern medicine, and finally to Shamanic Medicine. I am improving, and I hope that someday I’ll be completely well.

    I now look at illness from these different perspectives, so when I read “A Sudden Illness” there were many “Aha” moments. Fascinating story. If you would like my insights, let me know.

    I do hope your are feeling better and have the strength and energy to enjoy your well-deserved success.
    Jolene Starr, M.D.

  103. Bonjour,

    Je me nomme Lukaz PONNET, et je suis un étudiant français. A l’heure où j’écris ces mots, je viens tout juste de finir ce fabuleux livre qu’est “Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption”.

    Que dire, si ce n’est merci. Un très grand merci à vous, à votre passion, et à ce grand personnage dont l’essence demeure présente au sein de ce récit. Merci pour cette leçon d’histoire, pour cette leçon d’humanité, pour m’avoir permis de découvrir un homme qui n’a pas abandonné. Merci pour avoir su décrire son parcours extraordinaire, dont je ressors les larmes aux yeux.

    J’ai peu de connaissances dans votre langue, mais je tiens quand même à vous rendre hommage avec la mienne, à vous et à votre travail, et à M. Zamperini qui nous a quittés. Peut-être ce message ne sera t-il jamais lu, mais je suis heureux de l’écrire en ce jour.

    Longue vie à vous,

    Lukaz PONNET

  104. Unfortunately, I am not a voracious reader, but saw an interview recently with Louie on a news show. Raising my curiosity, I read Unbroken; it was one of the most intriguing and incredible books I have ever read. You were able to communicate the numbing effects of the punishment meted out to the POWs and Louie.

    I am a retired researcher and commend you for the amazing effort you put into finding details and weaving them into this book. I also felt a bit wistful that all these people have died (very recently, Louie). Even the acknowledgements were worthwhile.

    Thanks for telling this story!!

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  106. I was riveted by Unbroken and wrote a 5-star recommendation on my blog. Thanks for all the blood, sweat and tears that went into the research and writing. You have left a legacy for Louis Zamperini and for countless others who are “lost but not forgotten”.

  107. Greetings Laura, I have enjoyed your books immensely! My father was a naval officer in the pacific, so Unbroken had special meaning for me. We share other interests, I have been working as a College Therapist specializing in International Student population and currently volunteer at a Refugee Center in New Haven, CT. Our most significant commonality is my son has been diagnosed with CFS. An active soccer player in High School after a series of infections is now at home in bed. I am becoming active in trying to raise money for research for the disease. If you would ever consider in some way becoming involved, it would be such an honor for you to lend your voice. I wish you renewed and restored health and best wishes for your continued success! my personal email is above.

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  109. Thank you very much for writing the book. Not only did I benefit personally from reading it, but I see some hope that our family might still, after all this time, find some specific information about the captivity of one of our elders, who was interned in Japan right from the outset of the war through to liberation. He was 52 and a civilian employed on Guam when he was taken prisoner; despite age and his wooden leg, he survived and returned to us, and lived another 9 years, but understandably, we didn’t end up with much detail about his experiences (not even name of detention camp, for example.)
    Could you please refer me to potential sources of information, or a potential mentor to help me start the search? All our family would be grateful.

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  111. I am looking to see if you either do SKYPE or author visits for schools. Our 8th graders will be reading your book titled Unbroken : A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. We would love to have them be able to SKYPE or meet you in person to learn about you, the book, and writing. Out school is located in the Buffalo, Ny area.


  112. My brother suggested I might like this web site. He used to be totally right.

    This publish truly made my day. You cann’t believe just how a lot time I had spent for this info!
    Thank you!

  113. This book peeked my interest, after seeing an interview on the “Today” show featuring Angelina Jolie and Louie Lamperini. The “true” story kept me spell bound. I felt as if I was right there with the men, through it all. I learned more from this book, than any history class. I’m not a quick reader, but finished this book in less than 3 full days.

    My Dad was a Bombardiere in WWII. He never spoke about his war time experiences. I am grateful to have his very limited diary of a few of his missions. How I wish I could hear his account of his actual experiences.

    I truly hope that Ms. Jolie has done justice with the movie that is being released this December, 2014. The book should be a “must read”, for our youth. Freedom is not something to be taken for granted. The sacrafices these men and others make today, should never be forgotten or taken for granted.

    I would like to give a very personal thank you to Ms. Hillenbrand for all her hard work and effort to bring this story to life, as well as everyone who assisted her.

    After reading this book, I will never forget these men, who endured the most intolerable torture, pain and ultimate sacrifice. Thank you, to all our men and women who serve our country today. May God keep you all safe!

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  115. My wife (Pat Walker Locke) is the 1st African American women (by order of Merit and one of only 2 – the other being Joy Dallas – in the class of 1980) to graduate from West Point. Your work has (I think!) finally convinced her to tell her story! Thank You! Now to find someone like you to help – no easy task there! :)

  116. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage?
    My blog is in the very same area of interest as yours and my visitors would certainly
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    Please let me know if this ok with you. Thank you!

  117. I am 65 years old, a Vietnam Era Veteran, served in the Marine Corps and also in the Army from 1969 until 1975. My father served in the Marines during WWII. My father-in-law served during the war in the North Atlantic in the Navy and went down of 2 destroyers but managed to survive. My Uncle, Howard Bender, is one of the few Pearl Harbor survivors still living today and living in California. My uncle knew Louie. I have read just a hand full of books in my life time but Unbroken is by far the most brilliantly written book I have read in my life. Don’t go to too many movies as Hollywood has a way of messing up what authors write but I will be the first one in line at the movie theatre here in Michigan when Unbroken comes out as I will definitely go see this movie.

    Please pass this email on to Ms. Hillenbrand and tell her that I hope this movie wins numerous awards. These types of stories and the history in this book need to be told and the American public can never ever forget what our men and women have done and endured for all of our freedoms!

    Larry Tyson

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  119. How can I get my book signed or a signed copy of Unbroken?

  120. Laura:
    I love your words. I love your passion. I love you. All I can really say is thank you for your talent. Your way of telling this story was so beautiful. THANK YOU. Everything changed after I read your books.

  121. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In fact, I felt lost when I had reached the end. After reading about Louie and learning of his character, or true grit – I felt like I watched a friend’s life unfold. What a daring man. Also, kudos to his wife, whom rode the current with him on his return from war. Thanks for sharing Louie’s incredible life! Job well done Ms. Hillenbrand.

  122. Now I know about another American hero. I cried so many times while reading about what Louie endured. So cool that Billy Graham could be the facilitator that brought Louie back to God. Wow! My uncle Bernard Dailey died 2 days before his 19th birthday. He was shot down during a Berlin raid. He was a turret gunner on a B-24 Liberator. I never knew this plane was called the “Flying Coffin.” While reading your book, I kept thinking maybe my uncle would have survived the crash if he was NOT in a B-24. I had no idea about the plane’s terrible record. I saw the B-24 at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base and cried thinking about how my mom was only 14 and her big brother was missing in action for 5 years. No one knew that my uncle’s plane crashed in a farmer’s field near Margraten, Holland. There was one survivor. A group of farmers came to the wreckage and carried the bodies out and found the one living airman. The farmers quickly buried the dead and took care of the wounded soldier so the Germans would not find the bodies or the one survivor. It took many months before the wounded soldier could get across enemy lines. It was not until 1949 that my mother and her family got the news about the fate of Bernard and his crewman. There was so much red tape after the war that it took forever for the story to unfold. The soldier’s remains were returned to the US and the men were buried at a military cemetary near St. Louis. The military chose that place as it was centrally located from where the soldiers were from. My uncle was from Latrobe, Pa. War stories are sad for my mom and I feel the same. My mom and her family lived through a terrible time and endured such a terrible loss. Thank you so much for writing this book!!! Maureen Dailey Hogan Schaefer

  123. Quite simply the most inspiring, gripping and unbelievable true story I have ever read! My generation has never known the horror, devastation and cruelty of war—save what happened on 9/11. Too young for Vietnam– too old for later conflicts– I never served—but I have infinite respect for those military heroes—none more stunning than Louis Zamperini.

    This truly is a milestone book— worthy of all the praise. Now I understand why it has been a long time best seller. I hope the movie is true to the book— and will certainly see it!

    Finally, I couldn’t help but learn more about Laura Hillenbrand after reading this unforgettable story. Have to say that I got teary as I read about her personal story and her plight with CFS. In her own way, she knows what it is to live without total freedom. It is an awful irony to know that she is stricken with a condition that has “captured” her. I know I join all that have read her outstanding books along with all her friends and loved ones in wishing, hoping and praying that she is freed one day soon from this cruel condition.

  124. This book was absolutely amazing. I usually don’t like historical fiction and had to read one for school. I was fascinated by the things that he experienced and couldn’t believe that it happened. Before I read this book I didn’t even know about the POW camps. It was a big learning experience for me and its very sad that Louie recently died. He lived a remarkable life.

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  126. I don’t know what I was doing in 2010 when this book came out but I am so glad I have read it now. Beautifully written,very descriptive and an amazing story about an amazing man. Definitely one of my all time favorites. Just wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful book. Judy LaDouceur Marlborough ct

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  128. Laura,

    I just want to say how much I appreciate your heart and sensitivity, reflected in your writing style and the way you handle your subjects. Heart, sensitivity, and intelligence are powerful combinations. I am glad the public responds because of the way you touch them through your work.

    I do hope this note finds you in good spirits. Perhaps you will find a smile or two in my own sensitivity, in a letter I wrote to my eighty-nine year-old father, early on Father’s Day morning. You can see that in the upper right-hand corner of my website.

    Soon it will be replaced by an essay I have been working on (yes, Fatiguing!). I am an expert in the history of Christian violence. I take a Pew Forum suvey, which states that 310,380,000 Americans say, “I am a Christian.” I discuss Christian supermajorities in European and American history; discuss Evangelicals and Catholics–their salvation systems with special reference to ethics and morality–and conclude, “We really should not expect American Christians, who essentially follow European Christian Traditions, which have explained away Jesus’ commands and expectations for his disciples, to do more than they have (e.g., Native Americans, African slaves, the history of voting rights, the history of labor, the long nearly unbroken string of U.S. Presidents, Congresses, and Supreme Courts), nor to expect them to change.”


    Anyway, take care of yourself; love those who love you; be at peace in your valued contributions; and flourish!


  129. Hi, I just finished Unbroken and enjoyed it so much I had trouble putting it down. Louis’ story is an incredible story of a true American hero. I’ve read a lot about WWII, but never much of the Pacific theater and never of the atrocities of the Japanese POW camps. Thanks so much for sharing the story. You’re an incredible writer and Louis an incredible subject!
    Ric Renquest – Morgantown, WV

  130. Starting reading books because of Electronic Books for some reason, I guess I like electronic gadgets.

    Loved Vince Flynn’s books, Hard to put them down, Until Unbroken
    Could not put the Book Down, Great Writing, Have always had an interest in WWII, I was born in 1944, Louie helped save my Bacon I could say. My Sister was as USC in the 1940′s -Was Helen of Troy in 1951. Grew up near Torrance, In Inglewood.
    We had in Inglewood a Track we called the Farm, Ill bet Louie
    ran there at one time.

    Anyway, Just thought the Book was so well written I had to send a Note.

    Mike Johnson –Irvine, California

  131. Mrs. Hillenbrand,
    I just finished Unbroken and I wanted to let you know how much I admired it. At first, it was just a book for me to read for summer homework for an AP class, but after a little while, I started to read it because it entranced me. Not only did Louie’s life stun me, but your style of writing made all the more encapturing. I couldn’t have asked for a better book to read (which some people might find strange considering I’m a 16 year old girl) and I have been recommending it to nearly everyone I talk to. It is truly an incredible story to read sand I know for a fact that it will stay with me til the day I die.
    If not for you, I doubt I would have come across Louis Zamperini’s name and story for a long, long time, so thank you for that. My dad read the book as well several years ago and we’ve been talking about it since I began reading it. When I told him I was writing to you about it, he asked me to mention his thanks as well for writing Unbroken.
    I have been a writer since I was little and I only hope that one day, I will be able to entrance people as easily as you did to me and so many others. Thank you for your contribution to the book world. I’m sure Louis was so excited when he met you, and I know you did his life justice. I’m waiting eagerly for the movie so I can see your wonderful book come to life. Louis would be proud. Thank you

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  135. Laura, what a gift you have for writing! Unbroken had me in tears almost throughout the entire book. Born Jan 30, 1942, I was totally unaware of Louie Zamperini and would still be today if it were not for your book. In truth, this book should be a MANDATORY read for EVERY COLLEGE STUDENT in America.

    You are such an amazing woman and God has definitely used you in this world. I wish I could find how you are doing now with your dreadful, dreadful illness – in hopes that you are getting better.

    I live just 5 miles from Kenyon College. I wish I could have known you. I think you would have been an amazingly wonderful person to know. Thank you, thank you, thank you for “Unbroken”. And YES, Seabiscuit too! I have the DVD and watch it over now and again. I don’t know if I could watch the movie of “Unbroken”. It is sooo heartwrenching, yet praise God for His never-ending love for us and patience in waiting for us to truly find Him. Best of best wishes to you~

  136. Laura,

    I have just read Unbroken, your magnificent telling of Louie Zamperini’s story. Louie’s story in America’s story. Thank your for bringing it to life so we can appreciate our cultural heritage and honor the heroes of our country’s past. I felt like Louie could have grown up in my neighborhood!

    You writing skills are marvelous. I turned the pages with an eagerness I haven’t experienced since being a young man reading James Bond novels. I was surprised with the range and intensity of my feelings as I relived Louie’s story. From anger to rage; from sadness to pity; from being incredulous to being proud to be an American…it was a roller coaster ride of a read.

    You were able to wrest every ounce of humanity from terribly inhumane conditions and circumstances. I am not a touchy-feely kind of guy, but I found my own tears joining those of Louie. You are responsible for that. Thank you.

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  146. I’m such a huge, huge fan of Hillenbrand. Her curiosity is such a gift, as is her writing style – and the depth of her research – just superb.

    I’ll search the ends of the earth to read everything she ever writes.


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  148. Laura,

    I wanted to let you know that I am a avid reader. It’s not unusual of me to read three books at a time (between audio and written). Thus throughout my life I have read MANY books. However, I wanted to share with you that NONE have moved me the way Unbroken has. Louie’s story is unbelievable, but that is only part of it (though a GREAT, GREAT story!). I have never had anyone who brought a story to life quite the way you do. Not only do you have a gift for telling a 360 degree view of everything happening at that time, you bring the story to life and make the reader feel as if there are there with the character. Trust me, this is a gift that you have that few (even popular writers) have. I look forward to reading ALL other books that you write.
    Concerning Unbroken – it moved me so much that I cried tears of joy when the POW camp was liberated. Ironically I finished reading Unbroken the day Louie died.

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  153. I have read Laura’s books and admire her as an author. My 90 year old mother wrote her memoirs at the age of 80 and there is a terrific story here. She was the daughter of a doctor who died young during the depression and the family was left with nothing when the insurance company went broke. She eventually married a soldier an d had 8 children, including a son who lost his leg in Vietnam and became like the character in Born on the 4th of July. It is a sort of a love story that spanned many decades and she is a very charismatic character. She even ran for US Congress and had a really god showing. It is a story Laura should consider. I can send the book if she is interested. I have both hard and soft copies. It was self published only for family.

  154. Thank you for writing this book – - I can’t stop thinking about this amazing man – - and his life – - and what he went through – - I couldn’t put down the book – - once I started reading it.

    Now my husband is listening to the audio version –

    I loved Seabiscuit – but this one will stay with me for a long, long time.

    God bless you – -

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  157. Met Louis Zamperini about 1957 when I was 14 yrs. old at a winter week-end retreat for teens, boys & girls, at Clear Lake, CA. Mr. Zamperini was the guest speaker and hero. I have a signed copy of the 2nd printing of his 1956 book, Devil At My Heels. Thanks Ms. Hillenbrand for writing Unbroken and for being such a dear friend to Mr. Zamperini and his family during the past several years.

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  161. My Father a New Zealand coast watcher was a POW in Zentsuji.

    I have been researching his history since his death in 1999.

    In 2002 I went to Kiribati (Gilbert Is) to visit the place where my father was captured (Bikati, northern tip Butaritari (Makin) Atoll) in 1941. I also visited the memorial to the 22 Europeans (including 17 NZ coast watchers) who were executed by beheading on Oct 15 1942.

    Two things related to the book UNBROKEN:
    1. When they met in Zentsuji, Fred Garrett broke the news to my father that his 17 coast watching comrades from the Gilbert Islands had been executed

    2. In 2012 when I went to Japan as part of my research I visited the old site of Ofuna POW camp, because a number of Dad’s close friends from Zentsuji had “done time” in Ofuna.

    When there I met up with an old lady of 99 and her daughter. They lived next to the camp and still live on the c\same site. They had many tales to tell. In their yard was the last remaining remnant of Ofuna, a concrete support for the guard house (I believe this last relic is now held in a nearby temple.)

    This 99 year old woman’s son who was only a boy at the time had been traumatised by the war and after the war would draw pictures of events. One of the memorable events he drew was a picture of Mr Zamperini’s race in Ofuna.

    I have digital copies of this and his other drawings….. Would you like to take this further. If so please contact me by return Email.

    Kevin Menzies

  162. Dear Ms. Hillenbrand,
    Finished reading Unbroken, finding it riveting and a wonderful read. Even tho I knew Louie survived I found myself on edge as I read wondering and hoping he makes it out alive. Your book was so readable I read every page of the acknowledgements. I also read Seabiscuit and look forward to your next book. Finally hope your illness was short-term and that you are well today.
    Very sincerely
    Mark Simon, ( former Lt. US Navy)

  163. I just finished read your book and I wanted to commend you for capturing these events and the spirit of the man who lived them. It is so important to tell and retell the stories of heros such as Louie Zamperini and remind us all of the power of the human spirit. This book is a fitting tribute to all of the Worl War II veterans and veterans of for before and since then. Thanks so much for all your hard work and the beautiful way you presented it.

  164. Hello, Ms. Hillenbrand.

    My name is Shant Avakian. I loved your magnificent work, “Unbroken.” It is such an inspiring life story! How does one go about writing a biography; do you have any advice for a aspiring biographer?

    Thank you very much,

    Shant Avakian

  165. I have just read “Unbroken,” and I believe it is the finest account of of WWII in the Pacific that I have ever read. And as a history Major, I have read many. Ms Hillenbrand’s research and story telling skills are of the highest order. This may be one of the very few books that I will reread in the future.

    Robert Gare

  166. Dear Ms Hillenbrand,
    I just finished reading your book UNBROKEN and was impressed with the story of Loie Zamperini and the wonderful job that you did in writing it; afterward, I googled at your profile and my respect for your writing and determination in the face of your CFS is immense!

    I have ordered your SEABISCUIT and expect it to be as engrossing as UNBROKEN; thank you for providing a week of reading pleasure!


  167. I read Seabiscuit followed by unbroken. I cannot put into words how much I loved both books. Unbroken especially moved me. Laura has a wonderful ability to keep a story moving along and I couldn’t put either books down but didn’t want them to end. I pray another book is on it’s way. I am a major fan now.

  168. I could not put this book down. Grippingly and honestly written Laura Hillenbrand. This mans story is a example to us all of how the human spirit can overcome anything and go on to forgive and prosper. Wonderful story.

  169. I just finished reading your book and was brought to tears. Never in my 75 years have I read a book that prompted this display. This is an outstanding book and Mr. Zamperini was an outstanding human being. Thanks for sharing his life.

  170. I have always been overwhelmingly proud and thankful for the sacrifices made by these men. Your book has ushered that gratitude off the map. My father’s wartime was on the European front so my attention had always been with that side of the war. Too it seems, has been the focus of most of the Hollywood stories -or maybe I only paid attention to the one side?
    ‘Unbroken’ mostly left me wanting to find a way to convey the atrocities to a new generation so that they will never forget, but it is impossible to understand without pouring over the hundreds of pages needed to accurately describe. In the same way one is left speechless trying to describe a star-filled sky to someone who isn’t seeing it, attempting to describe what these men endured and other men committed is impossible without the words from your account pouring off the pages of your book directly into a reader. I cant imagine how the movie will accomplish telling this ‘story’ without leaving the audience numb. I look forward to seeing it and hope it spurs people to read the book. Thank you for the dedication it took to bring this account to the necessary detail, it was an amazing feat.

  171. Just finished the Audible audio book. Life changing. Thank you Laura, for your tremendous book!

  172. Ms. Hillenbrand, I’m sure my comments will not be much different than those of many others. You are blessed with a gift that I hope you will continue to share with mankind; we can use a little positive reinforcement and grace these days.

    I am sure this is a reflective time for you; one I hope is not too sad. Losing a friend is never easy; a broken heart heals so slowly if they heal at all.

    God bless you; continue your work, your work is a gift to all of us and we know, Louie is waiting not so patiently for your next effort.

    I’ll remember you in my prayers; Louie also!

    Thank you again!

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  174. Loved this book.Very hard to put down.Amazing what this man went through.Very well written.

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  177. Hi Laura – I just wanted to say thank you for all of your intense work and research that you did when writing Unbroken. I love this book. I was completely mesmerized by it and continue to recommend it to all of my friends. It’s almost too hard to believe, isn’t it? It is so sad what so many men had to endure during the war. Thank you.
    Cheryl Sawdy

  178. Based on the descriptive audio portion alone, I’m pumped for the rest of the book, and to see the movie.

    Your “Seabiscuit…” work inspired both J. David Miller and I when we were writing our book about the South Carolina Gamecocks.

  179. I feel compelled to write and tell you what a magnificent job you did on describing a life lived. To tell the truth I had never heard of Louis Zamperini until you introduced him to me and the world. Your book was spell binding and took me to all the places you wanted the reader to go. Looking forward to any future books you are planning. I hope your health is improving. My prayers are with you. Stay well and thank you again for your gift to all of us that appreciate what people like Lou sacrificed for us.

  180. Just finished Unbroken. Fabulous book. Can’t wait to see the movie! Father was flight engineer on B17.

    I’ve worked on military base for 40 years. Love war history. Relatives in Civil War, father WWII and Korea. Husband and brother Vietnam. Nephew, Iraq. All safe and back home.

    Great book. Thank you.

  181. I have just finished reading Unbroken. I was familiar with the horrific treatment of POW’s by the Japanese but your book describes an unimaginable level of abuse. I am amazed that any prisoner was able to survive these camps.
    Your book is one of the best that I have read in many years. I am delighted that Louie’s story will be told on the big screen. Like Lone Survivor, it will awake our collective consciousness of the bravery and sacrifice made by American servicemen and servicewoman to protect our freedom and way of life.
    Thank you.

  182. I could no put it down, each time I did to accomplish something in my house, forget it, get back to the book. I was born in 1933 but didn’t know about all those horrible things going on in Japan and the Pacific Islands. What a hero Louie was, plus all those other innocent men that went thru Hell.
    Thank you for sharing this history with the world and especially me.
    God Bless.

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  185. I’m sure you get a lot of book ideas, but after reading Unbroken I wanted to tell you a story about my Grandparents. My Grandfather was a polish officer during WWII during the Nazi invasion. My Grandmother took two young girls, one of them my mother, to Germany. They were poor and forced to eat rotten food, to even include cats. The part of the story that I find amazing is when my Grandfather was captured and put in a German POW camp. My grandmother left the girls with family and set out to find him. When she eventually did she was forced to sleep with the Nazi in charge of the camp in exchange for my Grandfather’s freedom. The story goes on but while she was doing that my Grandfather escaped with the help of a small German boy who liked his uniform. My Grandfather traded his officer’s boots and belt buckle for his freedom, while my Grandmother was being raped. Again, the story goes on but eventually they reunited and settled in Germany where my Grandfather worked as an architect rebuilding the cities that the allies destroyed. My mother tells a wonderful story and has pictures. I think this story is fascinating and would make a wonderful book. Thank you for allowing my to tell just a small part of it.

  186. When I heard about Louie’s untimely death a few weeks ago, I thought I was going to cry. I thought he was going to live forever. He was my inspiration. A kid with an authority problem that fixed himself up with running and went on to become an aviator. I can relate. I cannot thank you enough for introducing him into my life. The world will never be the same without the great Torrance Tornado.

  187. Just finished reading the book Unbroken. It was very truly one of the best books that I have read. There is several examples of the American “CAN DO” spirit. Bless all those soldiers and their families for enduring such sacrafices. Looking forward to seeing the movie. Thanks for bringing recognition to so many heroes.The American Flag hangs outside my home everyday and after reading this book it just makes me that much prouder and truly grateful for our soldiers.

  188. It’s an amazing paragraph for all the web visitors; they
    will get advantage from it I am sure.

  189. I have to admit, I have never been moved so much by a book to ponder the thought of leaving the author a comment or message but I just finished reading Unbroken and it was truly the most amazing story I have ever read! For a long time Seabiscuit was my favorite book but now I have two favorite books. Thank you for your years of dedication to Louie’s story and sharing it with us. I truly believed that I knew who he was and that is a special gift you have given your readers. I also just learned that Louie passed away on July 2nd but I am glad he was around to see his incredible life written so beautifully! I truly look forward to your next book, unsure of how but certain it will be just a great if not better than Seabiscuit and Unbroken.


  190. HI Laura, I had never heard of you before a few days ago, and I am old enough, so I guess I should have. I was walking through Barnes and Noble, here in Austin, with an acquaintance of mine, and she pointed out your new book “Unbroken”. Both my acquaintance and I have had lots of issues with fatigue, multiple allergy and chemical sensitivities, and you know the story. She told me that you had Chronic Fatigue, yet you were able to create two best selling books. I was amazed. I understand from reading what is on the Web that you have had a very tough version, and I understand that writing helps to keep your spirit alive, which really is critical. I have found that when our spirit is very low, it is like we are losing out twice, once with our physical health, and on top of that, losing our love of life, which is really doubly crippling.
    I took to writing a monthly email newsletter which I sent free of charge to people I knew or had met, just so they would become part of my community and I would be able to express my views even if I couldn’t meet with them physically. So I know what this means. I also used the vehicle of creating art work to give back some beauty to the world. Both have really helped sustain me. I was glad that you have a man who loves you, understands what you are going through, and supports you emotionally . That is a real blessing. If you would ever like to say hi, send me an email.

  191. I was compelled to tell you how much I loved Seabiscuit but just finished Unbroken. Am filled with so many emotions I had to write again. This story is told so well I felt I was in that plane, that raft, that pow camp. My father, a sailer in WWII, was in the Pacific on a carrier. He never spoke of those years. And as a rule I don’t enjoy “war” stories. Louie’s story was so much more. Thank you.

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  193. Laura:
    I have just finished reading Unbroken for the 2nd time and wondered if you could answer a couple of questions for me. Very sorry to hear of Louie’s death. My father was a B29 pilot in the pacific theater and could very easily have known Louie. First question: There is mention of a daughter and, if not mistaken, also a son born to Louie, but very little is mentioned about them in the book. Did they have a failed relationship with Louie due to his deteriorating condition after the war? I also notice that they weren’t mentioned in the epilogue. My 2nd question involves the Lieutenant who ordered Louie’s crew to go up in the Green Hornet when it seemed to be common knowledge that the plane was not safe. Was there any remorse shown by this Lieutenant after the fact? It seemed to be a poor decision on his part. Thanks for your time. This is an excellent book and am looking forward to the movie.
    Dave Birkenholz
    Newton, IA

  194. Dear Ms Hillenbrand,

    I want to thank you for writing Unbroken, the way you wrote it, the labor and effort you expended to render such an inspirational gift to the world.

    I also wanted to share that both of my older children suffer debilitating illnesses and Unbroken has been a touch stone for our older son – - I read it to him, the last book we ever read out loud together – - he is too old for his Dad to read him books now. I truly could not have picked a better book to be that last “father and son read out loud” book.

    Lastly, I wanted to encourage you to examine the work of Dr Terry Wahls, MD, the woman who wrote the Wahls Protocol and who’s Tedtalk on youtube, “Minding your Mitochondria” went viral. I believe that her work could offer a meaningful response to the CFS you suffer.

    Thank you again for what you have done, for what you do.

    With respect and admiration,

    Greg Barrack
    Colonel, U.S. Army

  195. Please keep up the great work. We need our stories.

  196. i am wondering if ms. hillenbrand has considered a true “caveman” diet for relief with her chronic illness….specifically, the diet outlined by ray audette in his book “neanderthin” [i hate that name! the book is more about how the author overcame the effects of chronic & debilitating autoimmune diseases through a dramatic change in diet, which western medicine fails to recognize as a viable option]. it seems now that some experts believe that CFS, too, may be an autoimmune disease.

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  198. How does one get a signed copy of “Unbroken” without going to a book signing. I would like one for my son, active duty Army. His birthday is August 25th.Thanks for the help.

  199. buy alprazolam online pharmacy europe xanax – xanax side effects nausea headache

  200. An amazing story wonderfully told, thank you for this illuminating tale. As I was telling others about this book when I first started reading it I related how exciting it was to read your descriptions of the races. In doing so I always compared it to Seabiscuit but it was only when I finished the book that I learned both were written by the same wonderful author.

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  202. What a remarkable book. So beautifully written, you feel like you are right there with Zamperini, praying for him, and at the same time gaining strength from his incredible experiences. I am changed by having read this book and knowing this story. Can’t wait for the movie. Thank you for the gift of this book Laura. We are all blessed by your work.

  203. Great read! We need a reminder of the sacrifices made by men like Louie in our behalf. The story also relates to another of my heros, Billy Graham.
    Thanks for the inspirational read.

  204. Just wanted to thank you for making me aware of Mr. Zamperini and his trials in this world. Saddened to hear of his passing on July the 3rd…truly puts things in perspective for me when I try to process what some people endure in this life..Still working on the forgiveness part! Thank you and I hope you are feeling well

  205. Dear Laura, I just finished reading Unbroken. Like Seabiscuit a great story and well written. Bravo. Part of my reason for this note is we have two things shared in common, my daughter Rachael Karp(Lizotte) graduated from Kenyon College and she also came down with Chronic Fatigue Synd in her 2nd year at Kenyon. What is your next book adventure?
    Thank you.
    Very truly yours, Tom Karp

  206. I loved your book but there is a mistake on pg. 334 at the bottom Tojo was not the master mind of peral harbor it was Isoroku Yamamoto so if it’s not to late and if you have time can you fix it
    And I’m sorry that Louie died the other day.
    Chris Belfi

  207. Omfg, thanks so much for posting this! It is gonna help when I am thinking about going to see a movie in Jacksonville! Very Cool!

  208. Ms. Hillenbrand, you have been in my thoughts often since hearing of Louis Zamperini’s death a week ago. In an interview with World Magazine, he spoke of his friendship with you and of your courage in writing through CFS and its challenges. In light of that friendship, please accept my condolences on his loss. May His God and mine comfort and strengthen you. May He protect you from any exacerbation of symptoms grief might ordinarily cause.

    Thank you for pressing on. Your own story encourages me in my own chronic illness journey.

    God bless you,

  209. Hi I read about Laura I think it was in Newsweek a while ago. I have two things I would like to mention to you. One is I loved her story about Sea Biscuit I have a horse myself. I just watched a horse show on RFD about a war horse called Reckless. What an AMAZING story I would love to see this story go farther there has been a few books written but years ago and would love for Laura to look into this wonderful horse story. The name of the show I watched is The horse show by Rick Lamb. The second thing I wanted to mention is I thought I read a while back that Laura suffered from vertigo if I’m wrong about that I apologize. If I am right I have suffered since childhood with the same problem I am now 55 years old. I’m sure she ahs seen the best doctors I myself had been to so many I lost count. But finally an ENT gave my a high dose 1 GM of Valacyclovir within days my dizzy spells were gone I have no clue why but I had spent 2 years crawling from room to room with severe vertigo. Just thought you never know it could help I know I would of given anything in that 2 year period to to get some help. Well that is all I wanted to share I hope she is doing well and I hope she investigates this wonderful horse story. BTW I plan on reading Unbroken as well. Thanks for your time Lori Pegram Wesley Chapel, Florida.

  210. With the passing of Mr. Zamperini prior to his riding in the Rose Parade this year, I finally picked up your book to learn more about this great man. As a resident of Los Angeles, I am embarrassed to find how little I knew. I love biographical material and expected a good read but was so taken by your account of his life and the Pacific POW issue that I am now making certain others hear about your amazing book. Thank you for the years of research and compassion that went into this story. It is a must read for anyone who cares about this time in our history. I feel honored to have met him and others through your writing.

  211. Unbelievable story, written superbly! Could not put it down! May God bless your amazing effort many times over! Looking forward to seeing the movie, but can’t imagine it holding a candle to your book! WOW! Thank your for bringing this story to life. What a tribute to a remarkable man and war hero!

    Barbara Gowen

  212. I just finished reading UNBROKEN, an ammazing story told with heart. As a Viet Nam veteran I was “hooked” from the very first page to the very last page. It was difficult to put down.

    However, as a professional voice artist and narrator of 21 different audio books, I was disappointed that UNBROKEN was already available as an audio book. Oh well :)

  213. Mrs. Hillenbrand,
    I rarely carve out the necessary time to read, partially because many books fall short of the time spent to consume them. But nothing could have been further from the truth when reading your book Unbroken. You have a delightful style of writing!! Your ability to recount Mr. Zamperini’s life history with such detail and fervor was palpable!! Having just finished your book on the day of Mr. Zamparini’s passing, I was overcome with sadness. As the wife of a military airman, a children’s social worker, avid consumer of survivor stories and a Christian, Louie’s story touched me on many levels. I have the utmost respect for Louie Zamparini and I am eternally grateful that you shared his triumphant story with me and the rest of the world~ Thank you!!!!!!! I am eager to read (and therefore learn) about the next subject to whom you would devote the same amount of care and fortitude.

  214. Congratulations Laura!
    Your writing is so soothing. I felt like I was there with Louie, I now know of our greatest American hero.
    When I saw he pasted away, I decided to download your book on my iPad. It really never left my side for 3 days. Five Stars!


  215. Laura

    I have only been able to Finish 3 Books in my Life in a weekend

    Two are yours UNBROKEN and SEABISCUIT

    When I was 19 I sunk in the Pacific 800 miles from CA. 1965

    We were Rescued by a Submarine If you would like to Hear the story

    Please call 646 214 7832

    Floating in a raft for 18 hours hit a cord

    Bill Tapert
    Danbury Ct

  216. Bless you for introducing me to Louie Z. I am better for “knowing” him.

    I pray you are better….I pray for your health and happiness. God bless you and your husband.

  217. Ms Hillenbrand,
    I have just finished reading unbroken. You did an unbelievable job. My congratulations. I was wondering if you did have or have anything to do with the movie that will be out this December that’s being helmed by Angelina Jolie? If not, I’m hoping that she gets all the technical help she needs to make a movie worth watching as you have made the book worth reading. They always say the book is better than the movie. I’m hoping for at least a tie with this one. Many thanks again for writing something that was long overdue and needed to be told.

  218. Ms. Hillenbrand,
    I read your book last year, It was quite good. I think you got the essence of Mr. Zamperini very well. Thank you for writing the book.

  219. Dear Laura,

    I am a published author living in Los Angeles, CA. I am also a fellow sufferer of CFS. I also developed my first symptoms in 1987, and still struggle with frequent relapses and miserable symptoms.
    I keep trying to write, but often I am too weak or depressed to write. I am on a regime of medications which all help to a point, but I am still left often exhausted and aching.
    I want to congratulate you on your latest new book! It must have been quite a project.
    I am contacting you wondering if we could communicate in some way. I do not know any other writers with our disabling illness, and you could be a wonderful encouragement to me if you have the time and/ or the energy. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I wish you good health and more success in your future.
    Judith Hayes

  220. It was just my regular Sunday morning recording of “Sunday Morning” that I learned of the great life of Louie Zamperini along with your story. What a gift it will be to learn about this man through your writing. I am grateful, for this story this morning, reminded me that we never know who we pass by in our daily lives and how important it is to realize we may be passing on some incredible opportunties to learn of people like Louie. What an amazing man, you brought to our attention. Thank you, I will be buying your book this week.

  221. Dear Ms. Hillenbrand,
    I can only guess how many ‘thank yous’ you’ve received for bringing Louie Zamperini’s story to life, but I will add one.

    My father is 83, served during Korea, was an accomplished track man and happened to see Louie run a marathon c. 1938 in northern New Jersey. A friendly uncle saw his early love of running and brought him to the race. Last summer I gave him the book and I’ve never seen him so immersed.

    This thank you does little to express the depth of our gratitude for your own valiant effort in bringing to life Louie’s story of mischief, talent, courage, perseverance and love.


    Tom Flynn

  222. Laura, I read UNBROKEN, and this is the best book I have ever read. Now I know the names of other books I will read them. Nothing will ever touch my heart like this one. I read where Louis Zamperini died, I am sorry for that. He was a treasure. He lived a life no one will ever totally understand, but you. Thank you so much for the pleasure of your skillful writing

  223. I read your book, Unbroken, when it first came out. I was immediately drawn in by the story, reading it every chance I got and finishing it in two days! Thank you for helping Mr. Zamperini tell his story! That being said, I know the two of you must have been very close and my heart goes out to you and his friends and family at this sad time!

  224. Dear Ms. Hillenbrand,

    I just finished reading “Unbroken” a few days ago. I am so sorry that you have lost such a dear friend, yet I know that Louie is with his Savior, enjoying sweet fellowship with Him. I hope that you can find comfort in the way you have brought Louie’s story to so many, and helped us remember the enormous sacrifice of the Greatest Generation so that we can enjoy our precious American freedoms.

    A big hug1


  225. When I saw the news of Louie’s death yesterday, I was very sad but my next thought was, “I have to see what Laura Hillenbrand says”–that is how bound to each other you are to me. Louie’s courage at fighting outer and inner enemies–I try to emulate him but most days do not come close to his or your abilities.
    I have read and reread Seabiscuit many times, read and reread A Sudden Illness-as an Ohio native, the Kenyon College connection was hard to ignore-and read Unbroken with tears in my eyes. I respect you so much for your struggle against chronic fatigue syndrome and for your writing skills. I am waiting impatiently for your next book.

  226. A Prayer Answered,

    When I read “Unbroken” years ago and found out Louis Zamperini was still alive, I thought about sending my book to him to get an autograph. Although I knew WW II veterans were dying at an alarming rate, I never did. Hearing of Louis’ death this week filled me with remorse. I said a prayer for him and asked for a miracle – some way of getting his signature for my book.

    Louis was listening and told Laura to put a picture of the note he wrote to her with his Purple Heart on her Facebook page. You can’t imagine my jubilation seeing this note. I had read about his gift to Laura, and the reasons he did it. This has special significance, so I printed a copy and it now resides on the inside cover of “Unbroken.”

    I didn’t get want I originally wanted, I got something much better. Thank you Louis and Laura for listening.

  227. Dear Ms Hillenbrand, Heartfelt Thanks to you for spending seven years researching and writing one of the best -if not the best and most moving books I have ever read. How lucky you are to have been able to spend time over years with this most wonderful man. How could you not fall in love with Louis Zamperini? What an exceptional human being… And what a loss for the world that Louis is no longer with us … Because of the way you told his story, It brought tears to my eyes when I heard of his death, and I felt as though I had lost a member of my own family. Thank-you again for introducing me to such a great and inspirational man. Louie, I’m happy to know that you have been reunited with the people you loved in your life that had passed on before you.. May you rest in peace

  228. Ms Hillenbrand, Today is Nick Cristiano’s 89th birthday. He was shot down in 1945 and spend time in the same prison camp as Mr Zamperini was in. One of his sons’ Nick Jr. is a pilot for US Air after a career as a pilot in the Air Force. We are all trying to get Nick Sr invited to the opening of “Unbroken”. I think he has earned an invite and he could certainly add his experiences during the war. You can visit his sons’ facebook page. Nick Cristiano. He has a few pics posted of his father from the papers from 1945. I have known the family for close to 50 years. Thank you.

  229. Dr. Enlander in NY has done wonders for Chronic Fatigue with the use of GCMAF and other treatments. It is definitely worth a call as he is the doctor to the royal family when they visit NY and has helped thousands of patients with chronic fatigue. He has his own clinical research center for chronic fatigue and has ongoing research grants for chronic fatigue. He also provides the medicines at a fraction of the cost which is truly kind. He has been dedicated to chronic fatigue for many years and has helped so many patients with this illness with new medicines that have been recently developed by himself and others.

  230. Hello Mrs. Hillenbrand, today I was saddened learning of the loss of Louie. I am retired as a pilot for UAL after 36 years. I retired Oct. 99′. When I was about 10 years of age, I heard Louie tell his story at a church in Santa Cruz, CA. I was spellbound! Many years later I was in my early career with United. I owned a small plane I kept at the Torrance airport. I was seated at the counter of a small cafe at the airport having coffee. A gentleman seated next to me started a conversation. He introduced himself; it was Louie. We chatted for over two hours. It was a thrill. I told him of having heard his testimony as a youth. I was fortunate during my aviation career to receive several awards for my work ia aviation safety, all fond memories. But one of the highlights of my career was meeting Louie,( he told me to call him Louie ). God bless you for writing his story. I could not put it down. As short as our personal encounter was, I feel a personal loss. Thank you, Capt. Paul Myers

  231. I would love to read your book “Unbroken”. Saw a little about it on Fox News today.

  232. Ms. Hillenbrand,

    My wife and I read “Unbroken” quite some time ago and were extremely moved by it, both by the man and your recounting of his life.

    I cannot tell from published reports whether this is true or not but……………………… it MAY well be that Mr. Zamperini died on the 4th of July! In Japan. If not, he came within a few hours of having done so.

    Should you find out that this is true I’d greatly appreciate knowing.

    Sincere kind regards,

    Lew and Suzanne Pringle

  233. I Am truly Heart Broken To Hear About Louis Zamperini’s Passing Today!..Just An Incredible Courageous Man!..Thank You Laura For Writing About This True Hero..It’s So Inspirational ..There Isn’t Enough Words To Describe What A Great Man He Was!…R.I.P…Louis!..A Truly Sad Day For America & My Prayers & Thoughts Are With You As Well Laura…God Bless!

  234. Song here my mistake: Rest in peace Louie.

  235. Louie. Where do I even begin… I don’t know you, nor have I even met you. But your book has touched my life and changed the ways I look at the world. From the smallest things, to the biggest things, from the most peaceful, to the most drastic. Your book has changed the way I view the world and gives me a reason to push forward. When I run, I think, “Do it for Louie, don’t give up!” and I run knowing that your book gives me strength to do more than I could ever imagine. Thank you for all you have done Louie, your book has influenced my life and made me realize that these 15 years are just the beginning of what I can do. Thank you for your service, sacrifice and your Unbroken spirit to push us all forward. May you rest in peace in the name of the heavenly father. I wrote a song after I read your book, named “Unbroken” of course, with the raging fast and loud parts when you are battling the bird and survival on the raft, to the quiet peaceful parts showing your willingness to go on in the doldrums. For anyone who would like to understand what this book means to me you can listen to the song here. Louie, I thank you for all you have done for me. You will always be my greatest inspiration, even though you’re not here, you will always be in my heart and soul. Rest in peace. Touched and changed, Brendan Shahrokh, 15

  236. From a super fan
    Well we all lost Louie today. Felt like i knew him though thanks to your exceptional book.
    Please don’t let Hollywood soften the message of the hell he went through.
    I read everything you write.

    Leo Barclay

  237. Heartbreakingly sad day for America … Louis’ story was one of the most amazing I have ever read. When I think about courage, endurance, survival, and hope, I not only think of Unbroken and Seabiscuit, I think of you, Laura.
    With the 4th of July tomorrow, we all need to think about what men like Louis have secured for us through his efforts and valor: freedom. Has there ever been a sweeter word?
    Thank you Laura, for bringing this bigger than life human to life for us all.

  238. You must be heartbroken, but I am going to place another burden on it. You yourself are one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever encountered. Your talent is vital and your prose is so vivid, but what makes you special to me is your courage, your own refusal to give in. It’s no wonder you understood Louis Zamperini so well: you are kindred spirits. I’m a high-school history teacher, and a student wrote me a note at the end of the year. The World War I unit was her favorite, she said–it shocked me, too–because now she understands the value of human life. I don’t think I’ve ever had a student so completely understand one of my lessons, and it was a lesson reaffirmed, for me, in Louie’s story.

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  240. I’m a book blogger for my local library ( and therefore the source of many book recommendations for friends. When anybody asks me what to read, I’ll tick off a list of recent things I’ve finished, but I always include Unbroken. You know how Turner Class Movies classifies movies as “The Essentials”? That’s how I feel about your book. It’s essential. The subject’s story is astonishing. Zamperini was among the greatest of the greatest generation. And by the way, Ms. Hillenbrand, you write as if you were in the raft with Louie! Both of you inspire.

  241. The passing of Louis Zamperini today.

    In the 1950s I read stories about WW II. I watched “Victory at Sea” every Sunday afternoon with my Dad and brothers. My Dad was a WW II veteran, serving in the Army Air Corps in Italy, and died in 2007. I think about him with the passing of each of the WW II veteran.

    There was little color film and war was black and white. Laura Hillenbrand brought color and life to Louis’ war experiences. It is hard to imagine an alternate life scenario for Louis had they not taken the “jinxed” B-24 on that rescue mission.

    Louis was the best of the best. Rest in peace Louis. I hope your buddies welcome you with open arms in heaven.

  242. This was the best book I have ever read about a person who lived thru so much.The way the book was written I just didn’t want to put it down.

  243. Thank you, Laura for bringing Louis Zamperini to us. His passing would have gone largely unnoticed, if not for you. Your words concerning his death brought me to tears. Your books are 2 of my favorites, and I’m eagerly anticipating your next. THANK YOU….

  244. The world lost a great man and inspiration yesterday. RIP Louie

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  246. My neighbor gave me the book UNBROKEN to read, at first I was hesitant to read it, but once I started I could not put it down.
    I was just wondering about Louie’s sister Virginia, there is not much about her, like there is with Pete and Sylvia.?

  247. Hello,

    I would like to speak with Ms Hillenbrand about a military story dated back to 1965 at the Guam Naval Base. There was a murder of my cousin Randy. My Uncle Lash Mann was involved in top secret missions behind enemy lines in the pacific theatre with the Japanese. We all believe that this murder had something to do with it. My Uncle was very upset with this government having found out about the secret deal we made with Japs. But the story just don’t end there, it had spanned many, many years. My Uncle also was one of the people who started S.A.C.O Sino American Cooperative Organization, a Naval group that history refuses to write about. There are plenty of my family that can attest to this.

    I would like very much if Ms. Hillenbrand to e-mail me or call @ 540-352-4412. I beleive this story needs to be told, it has haunted our family for decades. Thank you

    Warm Regards,


  248. Laura,
    Thank you so much for the brilliant and highly interesting and masterful book, “Unbroken.” I want to tell you that this book is one of the finest masterpieces I have ever read. I have always enjoyed books on sports and also on WW2 . This covered both topics brilliantly with great interest and unbelievable talent. I will be looking forward to the movie with great anticipation.
    Thanks again for this brilliant piece of superior literature.


  249. May I submit a prayer request to you?

    Thank you.

  250. A dear friend of mine wrote a memoir of her immune dysfunction, in fact that is the title of the book. She would like to send a copy to Laura. I myself have MCS. We understand Laura’s plight. How can I forward her a copy of Judith Lopez’s book?

  251. Dear Laura,

    I LOVED you book and enjoyed reading it.

    I was wondering if you can sign my personal copy. It will be a great addition to my collection.

    Thank you very much

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  253. I 72 and have been an avid reader since my early teens; I read 3 to4 books a month while enjoying a very full active life.
    I am a veteran and served in the Pacific in the 1960′s….why I missed this story is beyond me. However, it is by far the best read I honestly believe I have ever had. The detail and insight required a lot of work on the authors part….what a great job she did. Thank Ms. Laura, This is the best read ever.

    Best regards

  254. First let me say that I was transfixed to Unbroken and had to read non stop till I finished it! Thank you for this compelling book that showed the absolutely incredible history of WW II. It was fantastic. I have a renewed respect for the forgotten solders from that horrific war. It’s all thanks to you Laura! Next I would like to say shame on you people who take advantage of this site to sell your wares from everything from “love guru’s to steam showers?! Whut???? Really. Shame on you all! If you have not read this incredible book then sell your CRAP else where and leave this comment site alone! Once again fantastic book Laura and I’m looking forward to the movie!!!! #can hardly wait! thanks again for a wonderful accurate story!

  255. I am a songwriter. My partner Jeana and I wrote this song about your inspirational novel Unbroken. We would be very interested in your thoughts and comments on the song.

  256. My father and Mr Zamperini both competed
    for a spot on the 1936 summer Olympic team. My father in the hop step and jump and Mr Zamperini in the 5000 meter. I believe both knew each other and may be the last two peole alive that competed that day.
    My father will turn 100 soon and has many memories the final trials. I was hoping to show him a film of that day on the 12th of July and if it exists and I get lucky, maybe he will be in that film if it exists. I thought possibly during your research for the book you might have come across such as film. I have tried many avenues but have not been lucky enough to find any video. If you have,and would be so kind, I would appreciate any help you might give me in connecting with those archives. Thanks much.

  257. I just finished Unbroken and it was a fantastic read. I loved how you made this part of history come alive to me. I have always been a student of history especially WWII but your book drove home the atrocities that our soldiers suffered at the hands of the Japanese. I can’t wait for your next book.

  258. I am 17 years old and go to marion harding high school in ohio, my english teacher Marry Hardgrove had us read “Unbroken” as one of our books this year. This book has made a big impact on me as a person. I loved the book, but what really inspired me was your life story. I want to be a doctor and anything that has to do with any type of disease just simple fascinates me,i am in Health tech. at harding where myself and 9 other kids are studying for the medical fild and getting our STNA when we graduate, and when I read “A sudden illenss” and saw that you had a illenss called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome i had to know more. I would love to talk with you about the disease. You are an inspiring and amazing person. I hope to hear back from you.

  259. Beautiful story. Made my 82 year old Air Force veteran father cry. Never seen that before.
    Good stuff.

  260. My email to reporter at LA Times:
    Just accessed your great/brief report re: athlete Zamperini’s well-deserved appointment as Grand Marshall for the 2015 Rose Parade….. but was dismayed that you twice mentioned the related fine book (Unbroken) but never mentioned the author who certainly merits recognition (Laura Hillenbrand also author of best seller, Seabiscuit). Perhaps that info was excerpted from the text on line? She certainly deserves as much attentiion as Angelina Jolie who can thank Hillenbrand for the well-written story.

  261. I just finished your book and I could not put it down.Very well written and good research and subject matter. We need more inspirational books about real heroes. My dad was in the Navy in the Pacific theater. As a gunner, they went from island to island helping the Marines on the shores with the battles. I have high respect for what they all done,at a young age. Thank you again for your fine book.

  262. Hello Ms. Hillenbrand, I just finished reading your book “Unbroken”. You wrote a great book about Capt. L. Zamperini’s life. Capt. Z is one tough character by surviving all those hardships during WWII. My mother survived WWII as a teenager in London and always says her story should be in a book. She turns 90 years old this June. I served in the USAF for 23 years.

  263. You’re fantastic book has just been selected as the only book on the Ashland High School summer reading list. I’m a friend of Ron Koltnow’s and a long time buyer and bookseller.

  264. I find no mention of David Rensin’s book, “Devil at My Heels,” in your book, “Unbroken.” Any reason the two books came out just a few years apart? Both are similar and important but the dynamics might be interesting to the reader of both books. Thanks, ken r

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  266. Ms. Hillenbrand,

    I finished reading UNBROKEN this morning, and the book is tremenous!

    My father served in Europe during WW II, making amphibous landings at Sicily, Salerno, Anzio Beach (liberated Rome) and on the French Riviera. Then pushed up through France and finally liberated the Dauchou concentration camp on April 29, 1945.

    I have written a small book about his experiences and other family members and included some about the war in the Pacific.

    I work in DC and am interested in meeting you and discussing the similarities of our stories. Look forward to hearing from you when you have time. My cell phone number is 703-587-1988. God bless you and hope he makes you well.

  267. I am thooughly enjoying the audio book of Unbroken and am wondering if it is possible to get an audio book of “We thought we heard the Angels Sing” or you could make one. It is the epic story of Eddie Rickenbacker and his crew going down in 1943 and how they survived for I think 24 days. A book of it was written by one of the survivors Lt. James Whittacker. I am 85 years old and remember meeting him and it too was a marvelous story. Thank you.

  268. Je publie un petit commentaire dans le but de féliciter son auteur

  269. Laura,
    First off I wish you a better health!
    Around our house we understand fatigue all too well! If I’m correct you live in Phoenix and hopefully Mayo clinic has something for you!!!!!
    I just finished reading “Unbroken” this week while I was there for my 2nd Transplant aka TX(Had a liver TX there also in 2009.)

    Don’t TRULY DO NOT think I could have made it without your book (and Louie) this week!

    It gave me back my will to live!

    Peace and prayers to us all.

    Don Benton

    PS Not sure if CFS can be helped by this….but you never know…I’m already feeling better and I’ve been off work for five months for the third time….It sounds gross but it has a 90% cure rate..for people with bad immune systems TXer’s have them. And I JUST had this TX yesterday!!!! see site PLEASE!

    Gods Speed and thank you for BOTH your Books! YOU and all your PEOPLE that help you, give us Little people…. Hope!

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  293. Dear Ms. Hillenbrand,

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  298. I just finished reading “Unbroken.” I was extremely moved by the emotional depth of the experience shared by Louis. His generosity is beyond inspiring and I am thankful. My father was a veteran of WWII, a soldier in the Polish Army and a prisoner-of-war twice. He never shared his experiences nor the pain though I witnessed his very troubled sleep when he napped. I long to better understand his experiences, to better understand the man with access to his war time records. As was evident in the closing pages of Unbroken, years of research seem required. Thank you to Laura Hillenbrand for her dedication to seeing the book through and giving me a glimpse into the life of a POW, and to Louis Zamperini for letting us into his life. What a very special man.

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    My wife and myself were on a cruise to Mexico last week and I got lost in reading “Unbroken”. Your book was riveting. I could not put it down until I was finished. I suppose I could relate to the story because of my father who was a sergeant first class with the 101st airborne artillery division in the Korean conflict and his similar stories of the bad treatment of downed pilots in North Korean prison camps. Thank you for being the author of such a wonderful book. My heart goes out to Louie, my father and others who have endured the impossible. It is men like Louie that have made this country great.

  316. Laura,
    What a fabulous book you have written. I have been friends with Louie for 25 years and visited him at his home numerous times. Every time I met with him or spoke with him on the phone, he told me of the progress of the book; from your original interest in writing his story and his reluctance due to his already having written his book “Devil at My Heels” to his admiration of your thoroughness and his difficulty reading your book because of its vivid recreation of his extreme experiences, so much so that he could only read a few pages before putting the book down and looking out the window because it brought him back so closely to his former reality. Oh how he admires and thinks so fondly of you and all you have had to endure in your lifes struggles. I was with him in his home the day after the book came out and brought the Wall Street Journal with me to show him the full page photo and article about him and the book. He took the paper and looked at it for what seemed a minute with his mouth open in amazement. As you know, he never wanted fame and adulation but it’s too late for that now. Congratulations on your book! As Louie said to me on more than one occasion, “This book is going to reach and touch alot of people with hope and the idea that forgiveness is possible.” If at some point in the future I have the chance, I’d like to thank you personally for your work in bringing Louie’s story to life. God bless you and your family. Alan Johnson, friend of Louie Zamperini.

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    I have enjoyed these books immensely. So much so, I wondered why there was such a long length of time in between your books. In reading the acknowledgements of Unbroken, I read your mention of at times being too sick to conduct in-person interviews. That in turn spurred my curiosity which lead me to A Sudden Illness — How My Life Changed. This is also a captivating, tremendous piece of writing and the only thing needed to explain the time between your books.

    You and Borden are blessed to have each other. Please take extra good care of yourself. Best wishes for good health.

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  324. For Laura Hillenbrand: enjoyed both Seabiscuit & Unbroken they are fine examples of a talented author re. Seabiscuit do you believe that Howard, Smith, Woolf,doctors et al knew or did not know about Pollard’s blind eye warm regards Joe Henry Colo Spgs., Co

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  326. Absolutely loved the book Laura. My dad was a F/O B-24 Navigator. But I have to bring to your attention a typo. Where you are disclosing how the POWS used Morse Code to communicate with each other, you state that they used ‘tit’ for dot and ‘dah’ for dash. It should be ‘dit’ for dot. ;)

  327. Just finished this book. Spectacular story telling once again. Kept me riveted for the whole book. Loved it. Laura is truly gifted in her writing style.

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  336. Hello Laura
    I just finished “Unbroken” which was past on to me
    By my younger sister . Your book was beutifulllly
    Written, an education, & inspiring
    Much like “The Greatest Generation”
    Our father was a WW II vet who joined the army6 months
    After my parents graduated from MIT
    He was a DDay veteran & was shipped to

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    Your story has inspired me to finally do something
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    Bill Auerbach

  337. Laura, I just finished reading UNBROKEN. This is the best book I have read in quite some time. I am telling others about it so I hope they too read the book.

    My father and uncles never spoke much about the war, I wish hey were still here to talk about it but books like this are taking place of that now.

    Keep writing!

  338. On p. 245 you describe Pappy Boyiington as a Medal of Honor winner. Most of those who hold this high honor, including my late father in law Rudy Davila would rather be referred to as a recipient. Rudy was also a teacher at Banning.

    Thank you for a very great book.

    David Lemmenes

  339. Our book club is currently reading Unbroken for the clubs April meeting. The group lives in Montgomery County. Does Laura has any local lectures/live presentations scheduled?


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    thanks so much for sharing the details of Louis’s incredibly journey.


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  347. Laura, if I may call you that,I am shocked by this book. I ave never read any books by you before, and I am an avid reader, but this book is, by far, one of the best i have ever read. I understand that a movie is in the works to come out pretty soon. Usually when I’ve read a book and it is made into a movie I skip the movie. NOT THIS TIME.
    I received the book this past Christmas and am about half done. I only started the book a couple of days ago. The story, writing, etc. are great. I can’t believe what Louis Zamperini has gone through.He was an Olympian back in 1936. He might have run the mile in 1940, but WWll got in the way. What he has done through the war and afterwards has been fantastic. As I write this I understand that he is still alive and in great spirits.
    I will let you go and return to this page when I’m finished with this book. It is one that I will read again.
    Back in the 1960′s I thought that I night become an Olympian, but such was not to be. I ran very well in High School and College, but never that good.
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  348. Laura, if I may call you that, I received your book UNBROKEN, for Christmas this year. I began reading the book a few days ago and am about half way done. (I am an avid reader.)I am astounded at the writing, style, story and will never forget reading this book.It is fantastic and I have heard that it will be made into a movie. Many times after I’ve read a book and a movie comes out, I skip the movie. This time I will go to that movie.

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  350. Thanks for finally talking about > Laura Hillenbrand: Guestbook < Loved it!

  351. laura– great ,great book
    joined navy at 17 yrs ol end of war spent 2-3 months in Tokyo bay walked many times thru ashes of Tokyo.we are from penn. hillenbrands take care of yourself and get back to good health

    do we have common relatives?
    best to you and yours.– George hillenbrand

  352. Laura, I’ve never been more proud of you. Your drive to adapt your life to the disabling symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) is nothing short of the courage and guts showing on page and screen in both ‘Seabiscuit’ AND ‘Unbroken’. “If I can take it, I can make it.” should be the rally cry for all those suffering with this and other debilitating chronic illnesses shoved to the back burner and ignored by our own governmental medical agencies, the CDC and NIH. Your sensitivity and heart are felt in situations that could not be more dire. BRAVO Laura, BRAVO ~ Kate Grebitus

  353. for Laura:

    Have had Unbroken on my to-read for several years now…finally got it…and just finished it…OMG—it was fabulous!!!

    Thank you for bringing that story to light….how inspirational..
    just had to read it before I saw the movie…sure hope the movie does it justice…

    a fan,
    Beth Johnson


    My name is Mike Shurig, my dad’s name is the same. We both enjoyed Unbroken immensely. Dad is a WWII vet. He was the tail gunner in the B-24 before the plane that was shot down in the photo that is included in the book. He witnessed the whole thing. Above is an account of that tragedy through his eyes. Would be honored if Laura could read it and perhaps reply. If it does not come through, email me back and I will see that she gets it. Thanks

  355. Dear Sally,
    “Unbroken” said so much about an air crew, their personnal aircraft. Optimism played an integral part in survival and so. did prayer.When an air crew suspictioned something was wrong woth “Green Hornet” that LT. on the ground should never have asked them to fly before it was really checked out by a lead mechanic.

    I have some information concerning the B-24 model D. Their is one B-24 Libeerator on display that was never “cut apart” for use on another ship. “Strawberry Bitch” is on display at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base museum.The Director will allow people to walk through it and take pictures.I took my Mother and brother Ffank through it and we shot color film of the interior. I photographed the Bombadiers position with the Norden bombsight. Three .50 cal. machinguns are mounted in the nose. I also took a picture of the bombadier’s control panels.
    You can almost stand up in the nose. “Greenhose Nose” gave the bombadier and the navigator clear visability.The catwalk is just as Laura described it and bombs were located on each side of the walk and there is a significant draft when is flying and you see some of the ground!!
    I’ve taken pictures of the B-24 J that belongs to the Collings Museum. Aircraft was completely rebuilt in Florida. The Smithsonian couldn’t do all of the extensive restoration. The interior is not the same as the B-24 D. My interest in the Liberator is my father crewed aboard a D Flying from Bengasi, Libiya to bomb the oil refineriers the Germans used at Ploesti, Rumania; a 2400 mile run without a fighter escort on 8/1/43. 1/3 of the aircraft was lost; another 1/3 of ships had battle damage and 1/3 was able to fly!!!Dad’s aircraft was the last ship to bomb the northern most target 18 miles from the main refinery at Ploesti; Target was the Campina field. Five Medals of Honor were awarded for this mission and al others received the Distinguished Flying Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star etc. Dad’s aircraft was leaking fuel in Bengasi. Pilot Harold James and Navigator thouhgt they might reach Cyprus but not enough remaining. They didn’t want to crash in Rumania or, Yougaslavia.Dad’s aircraft approached another severly crippled ship; pilot dead and all of the gunner’s were wounded. They both elected to try and reach Turkey–a neutral countey. They landed at Ismir. Eight other Liberators landed at other Turkish locations.I would like to share my phoographs of “Strawberry Bitch” with Laura; aircraft’s journal from East Coast to Dayton in May 17, 1959, the 2 page description of tyhe Norden bomesight with all contols numbered and identified; a one page article about ditching a B-24 and where life rafts were located just behind the top turret and a wonderful article about Louis Z. which appeared in the Commerative Air Force monthly magazine back when book was firdt published.
    Sally, I am also a Member of the CAF and worked many years resurecting a Boeing B-17 G named “Sentimental Journey”. Betty Grable’s pin up graces the nose of our aircraft. Air Force retired her in 1959 and it was bought by forest Fighting unit.t flew in combating forest fires until 1978. One of our members acquired it and I participated in bring back all original equipment like it appeared in 1945. Aircraft went to the Pacific.I am not a mechanic but, I helped find rare parts, worked at numerous air shows, scheduled air crews and worked on their newsletter and other assignments. Every one who worked on aircraft took turns flying on it to airshows!!!I still have my CAF Air Crew Cap!!! I was surprised oto see a movie might be coming…Would Laura want me to appear as, an aerial gunner the position my father flew.After WW11 he went into banking and was a Ass’t. Vice Pres. of a chain of banks in Indiana. He was just promotede to full VP when he died aof a heart attack at age 46 in 1968. I hope this correspondence is not too long.

    Hugh R. Mc Laren
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    I will forward information if, I am given a mailing address.

  356. Ms. Hillenbrand, what are your thoughts about the movie being made? I hope it is well done. rhm

  357. Hi Laura,

    One of my closest friends has been suffering for 9 years at the hands of CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia and hashimotos. I discovered your story and want to thank you for writing the article. I have sent it to my friends to help them try to understand the situation that Julie is in. She has not been able to have visitors or communicate via text/email/fb for 9 years. I communicate via the post and texts to her mother which get passed on. So hard for everyone.



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  362. I love this book! I was looking through this page though and I’m sad that it had been used to put out scams, etc. I loved Unbroken and I think Laura Hillenbrand deserves something better than, “I need to tell my story about a doctor who brought my ex back to me…” Who cares? no one. I just wanted to put that out there. Unbroken Is an extraordinary book and you all *cough cough scammers cough* should read it.

  363. I have just finished reading “Unbroken”. One of the better books I have read in some time. It has the most of what I expect in a good book; UB was a barn-burner. Whatever praise has been directed to you is well-grounded. I shall not soon forget what you have done to encapsulate The War in the Pacific and its horrors. Thank-you for researching and writing UB.

    Tony Agostinelli

  364. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up.

    The words in your post seem to be running off
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  365. There is no way, that I could go to bed last night after finishing “Unbroken” without writing you a comment.
    It is to thank you for a magnificent job. An unbelievable effort to portray the life of Mr Louis Zamperini. Indeed, there was a box of tissues near by…

    A friend recommended it as a must read, specifically telling me that there is a section in your book about 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Mr Zamperini participated there as a very successful runner. My future wife was also there, participating at the opening ceremonies. As one of the ten thousand young ladies, most of them ten years old, dressed in white, performing in gymnastics and ending the show in making a live Olympic icon of five circles.
    Even as a ten year old, she vividly remembers, that something terribly wrong had happened, when Adolf Hitler refused to shake hands with our gold medal winner, runner Jessy Owens.

    Letter in your book I couldn’t help but compare my own experiences in Europe during the World War II as a 12 years old boy, (born in Belgrade, then Yugoslavia).
    Not long ago I wrote a book about our memoirs basically of the European Theatre, under German occupation, fleeing from the Soviet Army, refugee camps and final trip to U.S. Oh yes, and having our 60st marriage anniversary with my – “1936′ Olympic girl” this July!

    Certainly,I can’t possibly visualize the life of
    Lt L. Zamperini, specifically in the POW camps that you so eloquently described. My family and I were fortunate to escape
    the Red Army. Dad was a former officer of the Russian Imperial Army and as such had been on the KGB list…
    If you are interested, it would be my pleasure to send you my book. You have my e-mail.

    My wife and I wish to pray for your speedy recovery and again, thanks so much for a superb book, by far the best one I have ever read.

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  369. Ms. Hillenbrand, I have just recently finished reading your book Unbroken. I am an avid reader and I have to say this one of the BEST books I have ever read. I love reading non-fiction, especially historical books. What those men in WWII had to endure is still hard to believe. This is a book I will purchase and read over and over again. Thank you.

  370. Dear Ms. Hillenbrand, your book was truly impossible to put down. Thanks for bringing Louis to life through your thorough research and moving writing. The movie will be a must-see.

  371. Dear Ms Hillenbrand, I am in the racehorse business in NM and other states. I believe the stories,cheating and corruption would make one heck of a book/movie! I would love to give you the info and stories for a new book, hope you think so too. Respectfully, Vanessa Bartoo 575-740-7181

  372. Best book I’ve listened to on CD in years. Thank you for sharing Louis’story of an American hero. A life well lived.

  373. Ms. Laura, I write not only to shout praises for your amazing writing,but to tell you that my husband and I have a story that needs to be told. With your incredible grasp of writing of events that you didn’t even experience for yourself, as in “Unbroken” but can research and investigate enough to write such believe able descriptions. It is remarkable to me.
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    So much to tell; so many stories. It would definitely make an exciting book. But we need help and direction..

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  375. Ms. Hillenbrand, thank you for this book. My grandfather was also a POW held by the Japanese; I’ve known that all my life, but in a very vague way. You really brought this element of the war story to life for me, and inspired me to learn more about my grandfather’s experiences. (As it happens, he was in the same camp as Russell Phillips at the end of the war, though his path was different.) Your writing helped me understand an element of the war that I hadn’t previously considered.

    This is not at all getting at what I really want to say, which is that this book really got to me. I know more than I did, but I can FEEL more about WWII than I could before, too. I am a librarian, and I’m recommending your book widely. I’m looking forward to your next book – whatever it may be.

    Again, thanks.

    Christie Burke

  376. I am not sure exactly where you might be getting your information, nevertheless terrific subject matter. I have to take some time understanding more or realizing extra. Many thanks for magnificent details I was searching for this info for my quest.

  377. Hi Laura,

    I read Unbroken shortly after it was released and loved it. I have often said the story of what really happened to the young men and women who gave up so much for the cause of freedom needs to be documented and remembered. We should never forget what they did so that their children (and grandchildren and great grandchildren) would have a better world to live in. The veterans coming back from the war were quiet about what they saw and went through. They did not want to relive the horrors of war and they wanted to protect their families from ever having to go through what they had to. Now finally their story is being told through Louis Zamperini and with the movie coming out, I hope it preserves the memory of what it took to save the world we all live in today. The stories of all the people who lived through World War II are very similar. The men, women and family’s that gave up so much for us should never be forgotten.

    My father in law David was one of those men who came back from the war in the Pacific and helped create the greatest free country in history. We honor his memory every day in my family not only because of what he lived through in the war but also the struggles he endured to make a normal life for his family when he got back. I try to post his picture and tell his story every chance I get on Facebook. I hope my grandchildren will read your book and see the movie. In a way, it tells their great grandfather’s story through Louis’ story.

    My best regards,

    Paul Harned

  378. Hi Laura,
    I don’t know if you get to put any input into the making of the movie “unbroken” but I have a friend named Jack Gladstone. He is a Native American singer,songwriter and storyteller. He wrote a song about his uncle who after great heroism in WWII came home like Louis and could not cope. He also turned to alcohol and regrettably it got the better of him contrary to Louis. I believe the song is called “sometimes eagles have trouble on the ground.” It is a very haunting song and would be fitting in the part of Louis life when he first came back from the war.
    I love your writing and have read both “sea biscuit” and “unbroken.” You are truly the best author I have ever had the pleasure of reading.
    Best always and God bless you.

    Rick Kratz

  379. Hi Laura,
    I just saw in our local paper that the movie version of “Unbroken” is coming out in December. How exciting! I remember you telling me years ago that it had been picked up after I wrote you telling you how much your book meant to me since I am the daughter of a World War II veteran. So happy that it happened!


    Jennifer Calvert

  380. Just wanted to say thank you for writing “Unbroken” I have told so many people to read this book. I mainly read autobiographies and biographies. I was spell bound the whole book and so excited that he became a Christian!! I was raised in Los Angeles and have a brother living in Torrance. Can’t say enough good about this book to make us see how important it is to forgive.

  381. Hi.
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  382. Dear Ms. Hillenbrand,
    My son gave me your book for my birthday, I just finished, it is wonderful! The last paragraph in your acknowledgments brought me to tears! I was born in 1934 in a small village in Tuscany, emigrated to this wonderful country in 1956. I was 10 when the war reached my village, but the most beautiful day in my life was the day that first Allied armored car appeared in my village, after one year of German occupation.
    I have driven by the American Cemetery near Florence often, when I needed recharging my batteries as an administrator of federal TRIO programs. Once I had the privilege to enter it with some veterans of WWII and Korea. The sight of those graves with names from all over the United States, of the long list of names without graves (mostly aviators lost at sea in the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas) made me cry like a baby, those guys died for me! for my freedom, for the opportunity to live a long and free and decently prosperous life! Some of those guys I played snowball fights with, some gave me chocolates and cigarettes for my father!
    You can see why that last paragraph of yours, “I dedicated this book to …” has had such a strong effect on me, I love you for it! Thank you!!

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  384. I just finished reading “Unbroken”. It is such an amazing story told so well by Laura Hillenbrand that it is not surprising to learn that it will also be a Hollywood movie soon. Thank you Laura for the heroic effort that it took to document and retell this story. As an adult, as a runner, as a son of an Air Force pilot, I am somewhat ashamed that I had never heard of Louie Zamperini until a friend recommended this book to me. What a tragedy it would have been if this story had been lost when the last of that generation is gone. Finally, thank you Louie for teaching the greatest lesson that anyone could teach – forgiveness.

  385. I received the book as a Christmas present. I enjoyed it very much for a couple of reasons. I live in Torrance and all of the Torrance geographic references I could relate to. I drive past Zamperini Way and Zamperini airport every day. Ms Hillenbrand did an excellent job in building her characters (I realize they are actual people). Was there or is there a movie coming? Also, is Louis Zamperine still alive?

    Thank you

  386. Laura, I am another Laura with a story that will resonate with you. Your crash into the deer compels me to ask you a question. Might you have persistent lyme? Hidden dental infections and/or mercury toxicity caused by the impact of the crash?

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  387. Just finished Ünbroken”. An incredible read, bringing me to tears on more than one occasion. Thank you Laura.

  388. I love your writings. You really bring out the feelings.
    Thank you.

  389. This story will be with me for the rest of my life,, thank you so much

  390. We read this book in school and I find that I cant stop thinking about it. It is the most inspirational and amazing story I’ve ever read. The fact that it is a true story is simply beyond me. Both Louie and the author have my deepest admiration and respect. Thank you for letting us be apart of his story. I know we all cannot wait for the movie.
    With love,

  391. Best book I’ve ever read. It’s an amazing story. God had a plan. Only He could have changed someone’s life so drastically. Thanks to the author for such hard work. I understand the author is ill. I have chronically ill children so I understand how much effort this must have taken. Thank you. God bless. Lisa Russell

  392. My wife and I read UNBROKEN together over 2 weeks time and all we can say is “It is an incredible piece of writing, both from the human standpoint of Louie’s journey to the outstanding job you did in writing it for the world to enjoy”. We are about 20 years younger than Louie but even though I was just born in 1940, I remember so much of the war through newsreels in the theatre and the fact that my father and my aunt both worked at Lockheed Aircraft during the war. The story is incredible beyond words and for Louie’s journey to end at a Billy Graham Crusade is the best part of all. One of my son-in-laws has heard Louie speak at a Calvary Chapel Men’s Conference in Anaheim. I can’t wait for the movie but it will probably not be nearly as good as the book.

  393. I just finished reading your book, Unbroken. I enjoyed it very much and like all factual histories of war it had a little of everything. It was wonderful to be able to track one man’s life from birth to death. It was done in a very complete and competent manner.

    I am 64 years old now but in 1967 I graduated from high school and joined the Marine Corps. I was 18 at the time. For a rural West Virginia country boy I got to see some oriental way of life. I did a 13 month tour of duty in Vietnam with a rifle company. It was quite an eye opener for me. Like the Clint Eastwood movie, there was some Good, Bad and Ugly. It truly was a life experience. I think it was Ernest Hemingway who said “War is a wonderful life experience if you can survive it.

    Thank you for all your hard work and efforts to bring this story to light.

    Sincerely, Ronald Lilly
    Hinton, WV

  394. Dear Mrs. Hillenbrand,
    After 40+ years, I’m in the process of retiring from law enforcemeent. I love reading and over the years have passed many days with a good book in hand. I especially like and research WWII which aids me with my hobby – model aircraft building. Your book,”Unbroken” ranks in the top 10 best books I’ve ever read. Your writing style, attendtion to detial and a full knowledge of the subject matter makes for a book that’s hard to put down. I wished you were in better health and could enjoy the fruits of your labors by traveling the world, looking for inspiration for your next great book. To one of the best authors in the world, thank you and please get well. (ps.I tried emailing you direct, but this is as close as I got. I hope you get my message.)

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  401. Thank you for writing this book. I learned a lot and NOW appreciate why my mother ( a child of the depression ) seemed to hate Oriental people so much. I read this book because my daughter’s 8th grade class is supposed to read it and it seemed difficullt so I wanted to help her. To date they have not read it but it took me out of my comfort zone and made me appreciate what all WWII vets, including my dad, may have experienced. Good work! I think this should be mandatory HIGH SCHOOL reading. So, they would truly understand the hell of war.
    Keep writing. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Colette Roseboro, RN

  402. Thank you for sharing this experience by Louie and other serviceman during this conflict. I am an avid reader, but your book kept me awake and I had tears in my eyes. Few books cause me to cry. I have to say that your wonderful, creative writing has made me a fan, plus I have to work through my feelings. I honestly have some really harsh feelings against the Japanese after reading your book, and this is not my normal nature. My Mom was a war bride from Birmingham, England so I have an emotional stake in WWII, but nothing before has made me feel the anguish that I feel due to the absolute inhumane experiences of many of our troops due to their POW experience. How Louie could find his way out is…no words can explain. I am a very hesitant believer in “miracles”,and that “Christianity” will answer all ills, but I do believe that if it helps, grasp it and hold on…whatever it may be. I wish I had a small group of avid readers around me right now to discuss this book with. I hope you know I have never written an author before. You have a wonderful gift, cherish it. Please continue to share your gift with us. Thanks again, Nicky Skoog

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  404. One of the best books I have ever read. thanks for putting this down on paper.

    best wishes

  405. Just finished Unbroken. My father and father-in-law were both WWII vets. After seeing Saving Private Ryan, my husband and I commented that it was amazing they both came home and amazing they came home sane. After your book I need to add, they came home and forgave. Forgiveness is hard on a good day, I have read many other books on how Japan treated POWs and all have a recurring theme, cruelty. Forgiveness is a mighty gift these men have given to their captors.

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  411. Just finished reading the book.

    Accolades! Well done Laura!

  412. I just returned from Europe and I could not put down Unbroken during the flight home. I felt so connected to this book for so many reasons, not to mention it’s brilliant writing and exhaustive research.
    First, I am very interested in the history of New York City, particularly the year 1936, when Louie ran in the Olympic Trials and subsequently left for Berlin from NYC that July. On the day the boat readied to leave, my grandfather, a NYC fireman stopped a man, who intended to leap off a building, from committing suicide. I’ve tried to learn everything about that day in NYC and I voraciously consumed the book’s material.
    Then, when I learned that Louie was in Okinawa in Sept 1946, I chuckled, knowing my father spent time in Okinawa. I pulled out my father’s Naval records and sure enough he arrived in Okinawa a few days after Louie. My father talked about the typhoon that hit but more than that he talked about the beer parties and how much fun he had there. Louie’s recollections confirm what my father had told me. It gave me such a great feeling of connectedness, both to that era, Louie and my father. Did their paths ever across? Who knows? But my imagination is having great fun with the possibilities. I anxiously await your next book, Laura. Brava, bravissima. Charles R. Hale

  413. Thank you for writing this book. I am amazed. I hope this book becomes required reading in High Schools. I learned more then any other history book I’ve read and enjoyed the journey. Shocking! Insightful. Amazing.
    You mention being unwell during the writing. I hope you have overcome or do overcome and are well.
    All the best. Wendy

  414. I just watched the British TV show Skins and was so impressed by Jack O’Connell i wanted to see what else he’s up to. I got chills when. i saw he was going to star in Unbroken. To quote my dear mother-in-law, i am a ‘peacenik’ and the last person who’d read a book about a war hero. But Unbroken got me from that first page, describing the soldiers in the raft.
    Louis Zamperini’s story is incredible, awe-inspiring and so full of life. I know Angelina will do his story justice,

    God bless.

  415. Dear Laura,

    Thank you for a wonderful moving story. My older daughter, an Army 1st LT, gave me the book for Christmas 2013 and I read it a few days ago. What a great book and I’m just amazed on how well documented everything was.

    This book should be required reading by all pilots, all sailors and especially those in the ROTC and the Military Academies.

    Thanks again!

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  419. I am a Vietnam vet. Until I read your novel, I thought the Japanese were a very peaceful people. I no longer believe that after reading your novel. When under duress, the Japanese people become savages and monsters. I will NEVER purchase a product made in Japan. The Japanese people are evil. Lee Kitchens, Gold Canyon, Arizona.

  420. I’m re-reading “Unbroken” right now. It is without question one book that makes me proud to be an American. Thank you, Laura, for writing this important story. And thank you, Louie, for your bravery and sacrifice.

  421. Just finished “Unbroken”. At 61,it is one of the best books I have ever read. I was able to pass it off to my oldest son who is a USMC pilot on his way to Afghanistan with his V-22 squadron. He was a history major at USNA and I know he is going to love that book. Great Job!

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  423. Just finished ‘Unbroken’ and could not put it down. It is a brilliantly written book and so balanced, avoiding the temptation to generalize about the Japanese and showing that, as in any conflict, there are always villains and heroes. Thank you so much.

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  425. Your book stayed with me until now…long after I first read it. I am amazed at Zamp’s life and was moved to tears several times while reading but most assuredly by the end of book when he finds meaning and direction.
    I eagerly await word on your next project. Thank you for putting so much time and energy into your writing!

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  427. Laura: Your book, “Unbroken” made me laugh from my heart and cry from my whole soul. Thank you, Laura. You remind me what a great profession it can be to be an Author!

    With greatest regard,
    Rob Risley
    Mt. Kisco, N.Y.

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  433. Dear Laura,
    I just finished “Unbroken”. I heard Louis Zamperini speak in person about a year ago here in Atlanta, but just now read your book. Oh wow!!! First thank you for sharing his incredible story and sacrifice. Although I am 5, it was the first book I have read on WWII, and I learned so much from your attention to details and fact checking. I read the epilogue with amazement for the amount of research it took to tell the story. By reading your interviews from when the book first came out, I learned that you have CFS, and it reminded me of another author Sarah Morgan, who left an extensive journal covering the Civil War period. She was in a carriage accident just as the war began that left her bedridden. Because she was so confined , her writing was her only outlet. She was a vivid and articulate writer, and well-educated. Her suffering was a part of the reason she had time to write. It is not an original idea to me, but it seems that somehow the restrictions your illness has imposed on you is the very crucible that has produced the gold that is in this book. You understand acutely hard things, and God has given you the ability and the opportunity to write. As you alluded to in one interview, you have not been hampered by other pursuits. It inspires me to see Providence at work through disappointments not just in spite of them. I survived cancer that spread to my liver over 13 years ago, so I know a little about life not turning out the way I expected/ hoped. Yet stories like this are a reminder that there is a bigger story being written than my own. I just downloaded Seabiscuit onto iBooks and look forward to reading it next. I hope you are already working on your next book, but NO pressure! You have given such a priceless gift to the next generation already in “Unbroken”. With great appreciation, Kim Berry, Smyrna, GA

  434. Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful writing , my husband and I love your books. I read you hadn’t been feeling well, I hope you are better now. We wish you a wonderful and joyous Xmas! Thanks, Darlene and Dave

  435. I read “Unbroken” last year (a Christmas present) and thought many times of writing a review. A few weeks ago I woke up clear headed and inspired. The review I wrote was for the local paper. However I’d like to send it to you if I may.

    By Laura Hillenbrand

    A Book Review
    Bismarck Tribune, December 1, 2013
    By Hal Hase

    “Unbroken” has been on best seller lists since it was published. It has received glowing accolades and deservedly so. Many thousands have already read it. I received it as a present last Christmas. With this Christmas near I unhesitatingly recommend it for anyone who enjoys reading– especially those who are World War II buffs.

    “Unbroken,” in my view, is one of the finest books ever written about the WWII soldier-experience. Hillenbrand is a superb writer who writes with a clarity and vividness that make scenes leap off the page. She has meticulously researched the story of Louis Zamperini and she brings it to life brilliantly. Her book is in itself a gift to all of us in the reading world.

    Louis Zamperini, a son of Italian immigrants, was growing up in southern California, on a path of delinquency. He was guided off this path and into long distance running by a caring older brother. Zamperini became driven to excel and he did. He travelled with the U.S. team to the Olympics in Hitler’s Berlin. He was not a medalist, but his goal became to win at the next Olympics scheduled for Tokyo. WWII intervened.

    The author takes us through his experience as a member of the Army Air Corps; his bomber crash at sea and his experience at the hands of Japanese captors. She describes his harrowing time in a life raft with almost poetic beauty. Because he was an international sports figure the Japanese tried to use him for propaganda purposes. When he refused to cooperate they continually brutalized him. Imperial Japan was harsh on its citizens and sometimes ruthless toward its own soldiers. They considered becoming a prisoner dishonorable. It was better to fight to the death.

    Prisoners of Japan were treated with unrestrained cruelty. The Geneva Convention was ignored and there were no “rules of engagement.” Zamperini’s abuse at the hands of the prison guards was so relentless that is seems almost impossible he survived. He faced certain death ahead as the Japanese always killed their prisoners when they were facing defeat. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki stunned the Japanese and saved Zamperini’s life.

    He came home to a hero’s welcome, but also came home (understandably) with what we now call PTSD. He had financial and emotional ups and downs, and serious bouts with alcohol. However, a loving wife managed to save him from self-destruction, and he turned his life into one of helping others.

    Zamperini’s story is inspiring and is told with love and care. It is a story of salvation. It is a story fitting for the season.

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  451. Laura, I am in awe of your work – the dedication and fact-finding that sets it apart from so many others. As a newspaper reporter (Chicago Tribune) who has struggled with back pain for 40 years since a college football injury, I especially appreciate the seemingly insurmountable physical obstacles you have overcome in order to get your stories out. Seabiscuit and Unbroken remain two of my favorite non-fiction books of all time and I hold you in equally high esteem with the late William Manchester, whose work you are undoubtedly familiar with. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gifts you have bestowed on millions of readers. It bears repeating: I stand in awe of your body of work.

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  460. Laura. I loved your book and the unbelievable story of courage, faith, survival, strength, guts, determination and sheer stubbornness of Louie. His story and your ability to portray both the glory and trauma of this truly amazing man brought tears to my eyes, laughter, gasps of horror, moans of consternation and ultimately a joyful resolution. I couldn’t put this down and several times had to recharge my Kindle to continue! You are an amazing storyteller and I hope your health is good and you have another wonderful book in you.

    All the best

    Larry Gunsberg
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  461. This is an amazing story and is magnificently told. Laura should be extremely proud of this book as we all should be proud of the amazing men, alive and dead, that this story is about. I would recommend this book to anyone old enough to read and young enough to remember.

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  464. As a retired Lt Col from the USAF, a B-52 Navigator with over 3000 hours and a Viet Nam vet., this was one of the most “moving” books I have ever read. I actually had to put the book down on numerous occasions during the POW chapters because I was so moved.
    Louis helps you get past any small issues you may have.

    Well done-Keith Offel

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  481. I was so impressed by the historical detail and accuracy of this book combined with the ability to weave a moving, personal tale into the “facts”. Thank you for capturing these precious memories and moments in such a manner that people across the world can access – and understand the damaging nature of war and the power of the human spirit to forgive.

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  489. Two images remain with me – both are of the stars in the night sky. The first, Louie’s and Phil’s strangely peaceful gazing upwards as they lay in a raft from which they had no idea they would ever escape; second, Louie’s personal encounter with his Creator – outside an unlikely Billy Graham revival tent years later – grasping, as he looked up at the California night sky, that his post-war thirst for vengeance, his alcohol-soaked and ruinous fury, were forgivable; and upon that epiphany, the nightly dreams of murdering his torturer stopped for good. Told elegantly, without guile, this description of conversion rings true.

  490. Great Book. I concentrate all of my reading on books describing War in the Pacific. Yours describes in great detail the Heroes and the Horrors. I could never have forgiven Watanabe!

    Question: Why did Phillips wear his Left Pant Leg Shorter than the right? I don’t believe you ever answered this in the book; Am I mistaken? Page Number please?

    Thanks again for great Book. Seabiscuit too!

  491. I want to to thank you for this good read!! I certainly enjoyed every little bit of it.
    I have you bookmarked to look at new stuff you post…

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  494. I read the book Seabiscuit by Laura. I loved it and passed it on to my uncle who loved it and he loaned it to someone who loved it. I was at Savers store, where good used books can be found. I picked up Unbroken and was hesitant to buy it as I didn’t think I would like a book about World War II. However, I bought it because I loved how Laura wrote Seabiscuit. I was so interested in Unbroken, I told pieces of it on Facebook and named the book and Laura. I love to read. It is hard to find good true stories. I liked Across Many Mountains and Stolen Lives. Laura has moved up to the top of my list as my fav. author. I am wondering if she has plans for another book and can I be notified of it? She told the Story of what happened in a way that was interesting. I experienced a wide range of emotions while reading it. Please thank Laura for writing these two books-telling the two stories so well. I am sure there must be others she can educate us about.. Linda

  495. Hi Laura,

    I’m the executive producer of a radio station in Brisbane where Angelina is shooting parts of the movie about your book.

    We would love to interview you about the book, about Angelina bringing your story to life and about Louis and his incredible story.
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    Claire Murphy

  496. Great book…but I am curious how you came about writing the
    story of Louie Zamperini????

    Denny Nolte

  497. My congratulations on a marvelous book. UNBROKEN will be a large part of my Christmas list. Thank you for a massive contribution to American history and literature.

    Lee Caryer
    Columbus, OH

  498. I just finished Unbroken… very emotional for me. My Father, who passed away in 1986 was in the European Theatre, part of the 113th Cavalry aka Red Horse division. We were fortunate to visit Normandy last year which peeked my interest in knowing more about my Father’s service. Having since found out that the National Archive’s personnel records were destroyed in a fire in 1973, I have been searching in other areas. I was so impressed by Ms. Hillenbrand’s painstaking research and the clarity with which she described Louie’s experiences I had to write. Thank her please for an outstanding piece of work. Regards,
    Jim Lyness

  499. I was fascinated with this book. I am a 62 year old preschool teacher. I wish this book was required reading for our nation’s High School students. I feel many in our nation have no clue as to what our nation’s military members have sacrificed for our everyday freedom’s that are taken for granted. Thank you for sharing this story.

  500. I have read each and every book written by you and have marveled in its authenticity! I first wrote you on your book Seabiscuit which you kind enough to sign. While this may not be possible with Unbroken I want to be the first to congratulate you on this book being made into a movie with Ms Jole! I read this book when it was first issued and I had a hard time putting it down! The reality of this mans situation is captured very vividly by you and I am sure the movie as hard as it may be to recapture some of the scenes will hold everyone’s attention!
    Outstanding work! Congratulations again, Peter S.

  501. I’ve enjoyed Laura’s books a great deal. A book on the original seven astronauts would sure be interesting…..

  502. After a long wait, I finally read Unbroken. My draw to the book and story was many things…Vietnam vet, runner, father lost at sea in late 1944 (officer on Seawolf, submarine). My year in Vietnam seems like a vacation now. I was totally blown away by the book and the miraculous POWs. It should be required reading.

    Paul Eaton

  503. Hi Laura,I just finished reading Unbroken. What an incredible book! While the subject matter was difficult to read (especially through tears), it was so well-written that I was able to read it, appreciate it and actually was able to say I loved it, even though it was about such an awful time in our history. I definitely loved Louie! Not sure if I will be able to see the movie. Reading things like this is one thing, seeing them, quite another. Well done!

  504. Laura, this was one of the best written books I’ve read in a long long time. I pulled the book off the shelf in my office and am reading it for the second time. Absolutely excellent job putting book together.

    Joe from Ct.

  505. ps…this also reminds me of my father and his era and stories he had told us of these days gone by…he has passed from this earth 5 years this year…but reading this brought me even closer to how things were in his prime..thanks for that as well

  506. to laura and louie….i just finished reading this amazing story and what a life you have lived so well…i am the father of four and high school special educator and former coach..i only wish i could have one or both of you in to speak at my school because stories of inspiration like this one are too few and far between in this world of negativity and so many kids lack hope or understand what it is like to work hard through struggles and overcome…for both of you to overcome and thrive and succeed at such a high level is just amazing…thank you for sharing this story with me and laura thank you for writing this…you are a beautiful woman as well…i too have known chronic fatigue and fibro and battle it every day…as a former athlete and coach it has made me weary at times but i fight through it because of those who need me and the thousands of students and athletes i have mentored over the years who give my life, along with my four children, great meaning and worth…i look forward to your next book…its a shame that in this world we remain at arms distance from each other because it would be an honor to know you both and meet you in this life…stay positive…god bless you both..and thank you for allowing me to experience a part of your lives through literature…my life is better thanks to knowing that strength and hope abounds…and who knows..maybe our path can cross someday…peace and have a great day!


  507. My father will turn 89 on November 18th. Graduating from high school in 1942 his youth was short lived.
    He loves sports. As a child small towns would have celebrations. The men would organize kid races then place bets. Dad was fast…he won a lot of money for those who knew him. He only got to play Football and run track his senior year. They lived 10-12 miles from town so he had to hitch a ride home or walk after practice…then do his chores. Running in the Drake Relays is every Iowa High School track athlete’s dream.
    Their 4×100 relay team…dropped the Paton before it got to their anchor…my father.
    He went to the Air Force to be a pilot…they needed more crew members then pilots for the B-17…they walked in, said those on this side will go to gunnery school…Dad’s side of the room. B-17 crew’s odds of survival…you know the odds.
    War ending in Europe Dad came back to the states but not to go home…they were being staged to go to the Pacific.
    Bad as it was in Europe…they had heard stories about the Pacific…nobody wanted to go.
    If you ask my father who’s the greatest President? “Harry Truman he saved my life”.
    My father had no chance to “find himself” “do your thing” he did want needed to be done.
    What Washington DC is doing to this nation is a crime…and we let them steal this great country away from great Americans like Louie and my Father.
    Limited Government works not big Government!
    Thank you for writing these great books!
    God Bless You…

  508. Hi Laura,

    I was wondering if you’d like to be a guest on my radio show sometime to talk about your books and your experience with CFS? I work with a huge community who copes with it, and could benefit from your wisdom, insight, etc.

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    To Louis:
    I pray that you are still present, Louis. I want to thank you for your service to our country from the bottom of my heart. I am so sorry for the inhumanity to which you were subject and the pain you endured during and after your imprisonment. Your subsequent love released through your relationship to God and His Spirit manifested in your transformational relationship with your wife, your children, family, friends and ultimately the world. You, like Him were burdened with unimaginable pain and, through Him and like Him experienced a resurrection of sorts that will continue to positively influence our world for years to come. Thank you for your sacrifice; thank you for your ongoing contribution to the lives of everyone your story touches. From my heart with loving gratitude. Larry

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  520. I just want to thank Laura for doing so much research to get this story right. I listened to the audiobook twice, while driving my truck. The second time, I was listening for all the clues that indicated how thoroughly she had researched this story- for instance, the submarine crewman’s account of an aerial fight. That took some digging! And there are many, many more examples.
    I heard that a movie is in the making, and I hope they don’t water down the atrocities committed by the Japanese to be “polite” or “politically correct”. Please, tell it like it really was; only by telling the truth will the world learn from history.

  521. Dear Miss Hillenbrand,

    “Unbroken” broke my Italian heart.

    Fair winds and following seas,


  522. Dear Ms. Hiilbbrand, God bless you for putting forth Unbroken. Heartwrenching, uplifting and a memoir that one with beautiful prose brings a history of a time and place that I cannot imagine. Please if you have contact with Mr. Zamperini, please give him my heartfelt gratitude for alllowing his story to be told. I am going to Facebook your page and encourage the studetns I know who are entering the military and well and veterans to read this history. Mr. Zamperirni I thought of the sacrifice our Saviour made for us as I read your story. There are no words…
    God bless you Sir. Love to you in Christ Jesus, Lidia

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  525. Laura –
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    Lastly, how sad that people have littered this site for their obviously malevolent purposes.
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  549. Hello. I am a 90 year-old retired physician, a WW II USMC veteran, survivor of Iwo Jima. I have just delivered a book review of UNBROKEN at our public library in Corvallis, Oregon. I want to thank Ms. Hillenbrand for her superb book, and Email her a copy of my book review of UNBROKEN. Can you supply an Email address for this. Thank you, Craig B. Leman

  550. What a marvelous and moving story. As a trained historian, I am humbled by Laura’s exhaustive research and narrative power, and grateful to her for reminding me how much we owe that heroic and self-sacrificing generation of Americans. After reading Unbroken, I read a biographical article on Laura and learned that she has for many years suffered from a debilitating physical illness, which finds no echo in her hopeful and optimistic stories, and which makes her magnificent literary achievement all the more astonishing. I will keep her in my prayers.

  551. Extraordinary book, man, and author! I could not put it down once I started reading it. After finishing it, I needed to find out more information about Louis. After searching, I was surprised to learn that he is still alive as of this date. Then I came across the following link with Louis on the Jay Leno Show last year:

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  554. I for one can’t wait to read Not Everybody Wore Wings Louie’s Path. It must be an incredible story of faith and healing.

  555. Dear Laura Hillenbrand,
    First of all, I would like to thank you for writing a book as intriguing and interesting as Unbroken. This is the first text I’ve read about a war that kept me awake and asking for more. I cherished every part of the book. I loved how you explained everything in so much detail while writing about the honorable hero Louis Zamperini. Every single page I read felt memorable. I will always remember chanting in my head Run, Louie! Run! while reading about his astounding running abilities and appearance in the 1936 Olympics. It was quite ironic to me when Zamperini, the guy who popped a teacher’s car tire with toothpicks, made the decision to join the Army Air Corps. I felt as if I were right there next to him during the crash of the plane Green Hornet, going down and landing into the clear, blue ocean.
    My favorite part of this well-written book would have to be the time period when Louie, Phil, and Mac were stranded in the Pacific Ocean. Your use of imagery really helped me envision everything that occurred. Starting from the snapping of birds’ necks to the sharp teeth of the sharks that yearned for flesh, I was captivated. I was able to visualize all of it in my head. It amazed me that although Mac died, Louie and Phil were able to stay alive in a tiny raft for 47 days.
    I learned various life morals as well. With that said, hope and forgiveness have got to be the greatest lessons I acquired. I was amazed that even though Zamperini was tortured, abused, and ridiculed by the Japanese as a POW, he found it in his heart to forgive and shake hands with each and every wartime criminal that pained him years after World War II ended. I treasure this quote from your remarkable book, “At that moment, something shifted sweetly inside of him. It was forgiveness, beautiful and effortless and complete. For Louis Zamperini, the war was over.” I absolutely agree with you when you state that forgiveness is beautiful and effortless and complete. For example, I was devastated when a close friend of mine betrayed me and I wouldn’t speak to her for months. However, when I finished reading your book, I felt inspired and did something that even surprised me. I forgave that friend and I was so relieved; it was as if a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.
    In conclusion, I was fascinated by this story. It is definitely one of my favorite books of all time. Words aren’t enough to convey how much I appreciated and enjoyed reading it.

    Asya Grigoryan

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  559. Wow-this story is incredible and so inspirational. It confirms the truth in Jesus’ words, ‘with men it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’
    Thank you for a wonderfully written account. Looking forward your next book!

  560. When I read “Seabiscuit” I raved to my friends that Laura was on par with Mark Twain as a storyteller. “Unbroken” further cements her in the realm of Americana. Many thanks for bringing the iconic life of Louis Zamperini to a whole new generation. Looking forward with great anticipation to not only the movie but her next book which, I hope, is in the works. Here’s to a very bright future for Laura Hillenbrand!

  561. Laura,

    Thank you for the best book I have ever read, Unbroken.
    I am sure that whoever reads this tells you the same thing-
    that it is so hard to believe that any man could endure so much hardship in one lifetime as did Louie. He is more than an inspiration- he is definitely a saint!

    Thank you,
    Laura Osborne
    Dedham, MA

  562. I just finished reading the book “Unbroken” and wanted Laura to know what a wonderful thing she did by writing this book and bringing to life Mr. Zamoirini’s astonishing story. I’m glad he survived so that she could give us a glimpse of the incredible things he endured – what an inspiration – both of you!
    Thank you Laura.
    Betsy, 52
    Hobe Sound, FL

  563. My father was severely injured in WW II, and it changed his life. Reading “Unbroken” has given me a new perspective on what he suffered. All I can say is thank you.

  564. Unbroken is beautifully written and the story of Mr. Zamporini is one for all time. I appreciate your ability to report the story and not interject your interpretation of it. That had to be difficult. You honored the people in your book by keeping yourself out of it and letting them come through your words. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated a non-fiction book as much as this one -not just for the story but for how you crafted it. I hope you are well and able to write another one.

  565. I just finished reading your book Unbroken. I wanted you to know it was very meaningful and one of the best books I have read in ages. I was born in 1938 and served as Captain in the Marines. I never served in combat but am very patriotic and having read all this…I was fascinated with the book and I hope this note finds him at 96 years old still living and in good health. My father was in the Army Air Corps and was drafted when he was 36 years old in 1942. Great book. I would have loved to drop him an Email if I had a way to contact him and thank him for his service.

    Captain M. Larry Kemper

  566. I’ve read Seabiscuit and Unbroken. Amazing people (and animals) in each. I was a history major in college, so I’ve read a lot of history, but I’ve never come across an author like Hillenbrand who makes history read and move like a is a simply amazing and outstanding talent. There would be more history majors if there were more writers like Hillenbrand!

  567. Dear Laura, I hope you get to read this. I am reading Unbroken and I cheated an went to the end. Your description of Louie’s Christian conversion, the details and excerpts from Billy G’s sermons, the mental agony of letting go of his “darkness,” and his dramatic change from alcoholic, the peace and forgiveness he gained concerning “Bird” and his captors (nightmares stopping), and finally his trip to Japan, was astounding. I am very curious how this personally impacted you. Have you experienced such a conversion, and if not, how did you get such insight into the transforming effect of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ?

  568. Have a friend who was a Carmelite (teaching order) Priest who left the Order but went on teaching where he met a woman, got married and had a daughter. After raising her and assuring that she got the best educational opportunities available, the mother passed away. Lost and somewhat confused, the priest applied to Rome and was granted permission to become a diocesan priest. He has a very unique, interesting life story with many colorful experiences. The reading world would probably find the story of his life very intriguing, particularly if it was told by Laura Hillenbrand. Both her books were extremely well done and she would do an exemplary job of telling a story about a “recycled priest”.

    Could/would you see if she has any interest in telling such a story?

    One of his students

  569. Thank you for having no regard for my sleep! Having just finished Unbroken and before that Seabiscuit I can finally get back to my regular schedule. I rarely read so thanks for making these stories come alive I really appreciate the incredibly thorough research you do.

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  571. My late father was a US Navy crewman aboard a TBF Avenger stationed aboard various aircraft carriers in the Pacific during WWII. I knew of the atrocities inflicted upon POWs by their Japanese camp guards and commanders, but until I read “Unbroken”, I was unaware of just how severe it really was! My Dad survived his time flying during the war and came home relatively unscathed. As a Veteran myself, I want to thank those men and the families of those who returned from those camps and those who did not. Your sacrifice and that of all the men and women of the Greatest Generation made the lifestyle and freedoms I enjoy today possible. May God bless you all!

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  574. Unbroken is a wonderful book, both shattering and exhilarating. I thought it might be impossible top Seabiscuit, but Unbroken at least matches it. Kudos!!
    From a fellow DC writer/historian (ret.).

    Bob Beisner

  575. Laura,
    We talked during your research for Seabiscuit. I worked for Jockeys’ Guild as marketing director. You called me for some contact info on retired jockeys. Please reach out to me again via email.

  576. Hi – I’m hoping you can pass this question along to to Laura Hillenbrand, unless you already know the answer: The very first japanese soldier they met (Kawamura) that declared himself a Christian – is there any knowledge about what became of him?
    Many Thanks, RH

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  579. I would just like to express my profound thanks and admiration for writing a story that had to be told. I was very moved as well as informed about WWII in which my father participated and about which he never talked.

    Not only your meticulous research, but your ability to paint a picture with words, capture emotions and thoughts, and keep a pace that had me staying up at all hours was a wonderful and moving experience.

    I had the pleasure of attending a forum in Seattle this past summer which featured some of the few remaining “Rosie the Riveters”, now in their 90′s. These gals were pioneers in an age where there was great discrimination against women and minority workers (especially in the airplane manufacturing business). One woman in particular, Georgie Kunkel struck a chord with me because of her name. I realized that I had heard it before and found out later that she had been in education in a later career, and served as a leader in counseling children (a field that I worked in) Indeed it was the same woman that I remembered during the early part of my career and someone who was very inspirational.

    To my astonishment, I saw her name referenced in your book: Georgie Bright Kunkel, who wrote to you about her brother, the athlete Norman Bright. It has to be the same woman. She is a story in herself: not only did she put planes together when women just didn’t do this work, later becoming a leader in education, but she currently writes a column in a local newspaper, has written a book, I think, and performs as a stand-up comic in small venues. A lovely woman. I think she and Louie would get along famously :)

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  581. My whole family loves your books. You seem to be able to reach into the hearts of your subjects and stories and portray them in wonderfully descriptive detail and love! I hope you will consider writing the story about Staff Sargeant Reckless – not only a Marine in the Korean War but she is a horse of heart; she was sold to the Marines by a young Korean boy who needed the money to get an artificial limb for his sister who had stepped on a land mine – a heart tugging beginning! I won’t spoil it for you. Please check out her story on line – I can’t imagine anyone else better suited to tell this tale!

  582. Thank you for writing this. I haven’t read a book that touched me as much as this one did for a long time. My father was a highly decorated WWII veteran. He hardly ever talked of the war even though my brother and I would sometimes bug him until he relented. We never knew why he had won the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and all the other medals. During his mid eighties, he decided that he and my mom should buy a computer so he could write him memoirs about what it was like to be a Christian during WWII. He finished it shortly before he passed away. It answered a lot of questions about the war. My family will cherish that little 100 page book for a long as we are alive. I agree with one of your other posts that this should be required reading for every high school youth. It would bring the idea to the forefront that war is a horrible thing and the results even worse. Thank you again. I will pass this book on to many of my friends for them to read.

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  586. I believe this needs to be required reading for every secondary school student in America!

    Laura you certainly did an excellent job. I could not put the book down until I read it from cover to cover! There needs to be more books written telling everyone about their great heirtage in this great country of our’s.

    Sincere Thanks!


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  588. Thank you for such a great stoy.You put put me right next to Louie through out the story.Exhilarating-Yes Spirtual-Yes.I am veteran of the United States Navy Seabees,this stoy was passed around at are veterians lunchen but not in too much detail,we want people to read the book.I am passing arond my copy and having readers write thier comments on the back pages.I believe this story could help alot of people deal with the Demons they personly have due to war and if anyone has a more traget experience TELL IT WRITE IT.GO IN PEACE AND BE WITH GOD

  589. I just finished your story of Louis Zamperini. It is the most amazing story I have ever read. Thank you for telling such an amazing and powerful story. I am a disabled Viet Nam Veteran. Reading about Louis Zamperini gave me a different view of life, war and survival.

  590. Laura Hillenbrand, Mrs.Borden, Laura,
    I have never written to an author, most of the ones I have loved have died, after the fact, the fact that I loved their stories.
    I too am a Seabiscuit fan. As a kid of four years I would listen on his radio the Santa Anita races. I always be the jockies as a kid, and won many. I fell in love with the horses. My grandfather was a guy by the name of Joe Murray. First engineer to take the chief into the Union Depot in 1938. Santa Fe Railroad. He had Seabiscuit bookends in his living room which I would talk to as a child. I hope I not sounding like a nut case.
    So, I am very much thankful you are still here with us. Especially after reading, “A Sudden Illness. It shook me up!
    I am a chaplain in a hospital and have done hospice, my wife still sees clients for hospice. So my dear, it takes a bit to shake me up. I have gone into many rooms with patients with
    Let me say, you are one tough Seabiscuit! I admire you on many levels even though I don’t know you. But, I do know Cronic Fitgue Syndrome. My prayers are with you Laura.
    My wife just finished your book Broken in her book club group. She said it was an extremely powerful book.
    I will mention here a person I knew in college, and my brother was on the same track team, he was one of the most courageous black men you will find. 1968 Olympic: Tommy Smith. Check him out.
    Again, I thank you for Seabiscuit and the insight you possess in the sport of racing, the compassion you expressed through your writing came to the surface as a healing scab. There is still much to be done in cleaning up racing. Perhaps you will write about this subject some day?
    Until then, you are in my heart and prayers,
    Craig Kelso
    I don’t think I was the Craig in the deli, about twenty years to late, darn it!
    My best to Borden.

  591. I have read many of the comments posted on this website regarding Louis and continue to be moved by the depth of their sincerity in extolling Louie’s heroism. The man is beyond question one of the Greatest of the Greatest Generation.

    I posted a comment on this website about Louis Zamperini on May 24, 2013 and would urge all of you to scroll down and read it.
    In it I explained what I have done in trying to honor this great American.

    What I did was to sit down and write emails to the President, Vice President, my home state U.S. Senators, Senator John McCain, my Congressional representative and 2 other members of Congress, urging them to honor Louis with a national medal for his heroism and also on behalf of all the great men and women of the Greatest Generation.

    These medals are the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal.

    The more people that make this effort, the better are the chances that our elected officials in Washington will get the message that Louis Zamperini is truly deserving of one or both of these medals.

    Fred Thomisser

  592. Help please! I am a retired teacher from California who taught U.S. History 36 years. World War Two vets are a passion of mine. I have met Tom Brokow and had him sign my copy of The Greatest Generation. More than three-hundred have done so. I have tried numerous ways to get Louis Zamperini to sign. What an honor! However all my efforts have failed. I have mailed to other notable vets such as “candy bomber” Gail Halvorsen who signed and returned the book with the prepaid postage. Is there anything you could do to help me? I now live in Southern Utah and have been retired for the past seven years. I would do whatever it takes to have him sign the book. Thank you so much. I do not know what else to do but to now contact you. By the way loved Seabiscuit and of course Unbroken. Awesome! Hope to hear something soon.

  593. I am almost through my second reading and will probably do a third in a few months. The second reading brought my emotions to the surface much more so than the first time around. I am at the point they are in the river and the Torpedo Plane flies over to tell them the war is over and I am sobbing uncontrollably – the emotions of the prior pages coming to a head. I cannot get this story out of my mind and have become obsessed with knowing more. My dad flew in the Liberator, which enticed my interest in this story – now wishing I had talked to him about his time in the AAF. I was inspired to put his memorabilia, including a photo of his crew in front of the B24, into a scrapbook to leave to my son and or grandson. I have my dad’s wings, made into a bracelet for me as a child. This story was so well written – I winced as they were brutalized and wept for them. I hope the movie does it justice. God Bless Laura for writing Louie’s story and sharing it with us. I am now on a mission to find a Liberator to see for myself.
    Would give anything to meet Louie and give him a hug.

  594. Marvelous book, thank you for the insights into WWII and the brave men and women who were part of that history. I am looking forward to Seabiscuit as my next venture. Regards,

  595. There is a book review of The War Below in the Style section of the Washington Post which mentions your magnificent book Unbroken. Hank Cox also mentions the Navy’s “inexcusable reluctance to rectify torpedo defects…” and this is a story which I wish you would consider researching. The story of The Grunion, sunk by its own torpedo circling back, and then found 60 years later in a sea off Alaska by the Commander’s sons, is a fascinating story. The Navy’s unwillingness to admit how a few Admirals allowed young men to go to sea aboard subs with torpedo defects they knew existed should be exposed, and the finding of the sub is as worthy as finding the Titanic. My mother Jean Wallace Douglas, her father vice-president at the time, was engaged to be married to one of the young men, and his letters to her are brilliant, funny, and heart-breakingly wise. It’s an extraordinary story, and I wish you would consider researching it as a future project because I don’t know any other author as capable as you who could capture such history.

  596. I’ve had MS since I was 20 (I’m now 64) and still hanging in there. In the past six months I’ve had more walls jump in front of me and evil demons live under my stairs. I, too, write, but you’ve been published and I’m so happy to have someone I can point to when the time comes for me to explain my MS to an agent. My fingers work; most of the time my legs do; Sometimes I’m so good at this disease-thing that I can see Lots and Lots of things -at the same time. Thank you, Laura for being so positive and successful and someone who has paved the way for those of us with a couple of parts that don’t always work. Sincerely, Lucy Stimmel

  597. Lauren,

    This book is extremely personal. My grandfather, Henry Dreyer, competed in track and field with Louis Zamperini in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Like Louis, my grandfather missed his prime years to medal in what would have been the 1940 Olympics. He did however, manage to break the world record in the hammer throw 3 times, the last time being at 42 years of age! You are truly an amazing story teller (Seabiscuit is also one of my favorites). Thank you for writing such an incredible and inspirational book.


    Geoff Dreyer

  598. Dearest Ms. Hillenbrand — the almost last sentence of “Unbroken” — “I come away from this book with the deepest appreciation for what these men endured, and what they sacrificed, for the good of humanity.” — says everything, and says all. Of course I agree wholeheartedly. Those words also state my appreciation for your books and your writing. With this and with “Seabiscuit”, I FELT what you were so beautifully presenting to me. I “rode” Seabiscuit in every race. I cried for Louis and the others. When “Little Boy” was dropped, I gratefully clasped the book to my chest with a tremendously happy sigh. Your writing is God given, and I, and all your fans I am sure, totally, completely appreciate that gift. God has blessed you with your abilities. And God has blessed us to let you share and us to read. Thank you, Ms. Hillenbrand, from the bottom, center and all of my heart. Thank you.
    Barbara Herring, Lancaster, Texas
    Thank you. One more thing — I was born in 1941, and I heard tales of Seabiscuit all my young life. To read about him was just truly magnificent. I just do not have the words to thank you for this experience — both of these books. Thanks be to God that you have the words.

  599. Laura,
    I have just finished Unbroken and read Seabiscuit a few years ago. Your books have to do with perseverance and struggle. As a fellow CFIDS person ( since 1987), I have found both of your books very inspiring!

    We all are on a journey, and yours is making such a difference in people’s lives. I hope you are able to write another book and that your health allows you to do this. I will be reading it!

    Mary Sutton

  600. I read “Unbroken” a couple of years ago, after seeing a TV interview with Louie Zamperini and Lautra Hillenbrand. I just finished “Seabiscuit.” Ms. Hillenbrand, I think you are an incredible writer. Your non-fiction works possess all of the excitement and energy of the very best novels. Twice durig the reading of “Seabiscuit” I cried – once when you described the epic race between Seabiscuit and War Admiral. Even though I knew well the actual outcome, I was caught up in the drama. Then at the end, as you provided closure for all of those incredible characters (Mr. Howard, Red, the Iceman, and the rest – especially Seabiscuit)I was again moved to tears. I so look forward to your next work. Thank you!

  601. I loved both of your books, then found out about your CFS. I too have suffered for 30 years from the same symptoms and have been diagnosed with lupus, CFS, Fibromyalgia and such. Never being taken seriously, because “you look so good”, I too have struggled with the stigma of “it’s all in your head”. I am curious to know how you are today and if you have found anything that has helped alleviate your symptoms, even in the least. It’s a difficult road and I get exhausted just from trying to explain it to people. The worst symptoms are the vertigo and inability to enjoy a restful, restorative sleep. Have you found anything to help you in that regard? Thank you for your transparency in this journey and I would love to hear from you and any advice you may have. You are an inspiration!

    Diana Bersani

  602. July 16,2013

    Dear Mrs. Hillenbrand,

    How I wish I had your book in 1952 when I married my husband. It would certainly have helped me to understand the mental scarring that he came home with from World War II. He was a radar man in a B-24 all thru the South Pacific and China Sea. He was 31 and I was 25. He would wake up with nightmares and sweats and never would tell me what or why of the things that had brought this about. He would get black moods and take his rifle and climb a Mountain behind our home and I would pray he would come back alive. During his 20 some years of being an alcoholic he tried to shoot himself twice, but flinched in the final moment.It wasn’t until 1986 and we had attended a squadron reunion, that I finally heard things while the men talked between themselves and we wives listened, many times saying “I never heard that before.” He finally went for rehab and was sober for the remaining years of our marriage as I said enough, get help or I am leaving after 35 years. He was saved from that monkey on his back and we made it to 57 years before cancer took him. I made him write about his WWII experiences and learned so much more. I saw in our Oregonian That the Library of Congress wanted stories so I sent them a copy and received a nice thank you. Unfortunately my husband never got over his dislike of Japanese and his feeling that they were sadistic barbarians.
    Thank you for the thoroughness of your research in writing this book and it certainly explained reasons for my husbands moods and deep seated dislike of the Japanese military people.
    Jule’ Donnelly

    July 16, 2013

    Dear Mrs.Hildebrand,

    How I wish I had your book way back when I married my husband in 1952. He was a Navy radar man in a B-24 all over the Pacific to China Sea etc.,and came home also mentally scared. He would have black spells and go climb our Butler Mountain behind our home and I prayed he would come back and not take his life. He woke up with many nightmares,shaking and sweating and never would tell me why. It wasn’t until we went to a squadron reunion in 1986 when the men would talk that I finally heard things and began to under stand better. I also made him write up his WWII experciences and his hate for the Japanese. He became an alochlic during our marriage and tried twice to shoot himself but flinched in the final moment. After thrity five years I said get help or else I’m ready to call it quits. WE made it to our 57th year of marriage befor cancer took him. I had a MS in Guidance and Psychology and he a MS in Range management. I was 25 and he 31 when I married him. I sent a copy of his story to the Library of Congress as i had seen in The Oregionian Paper a request for Vets to do this and had a nice thank you.

    You did a wonderful job with your knowledge and I want to thank you.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Jule’ Donnelly

  603. My 12 year old is interested in reading Unbroken. I haven’t read it yet but to plan to read simultaneously. Is it age appropriate? Thanks.

  604. My name is Joe Steinberg. I am 92 years old. I remember listening to my short wave radio in 1936 to the Olympic games in Berlin. I just finished reading your book and could not put it down for a moment.
    One of my dearest friends was shot down on his 6th mission over Germany. Two other friends were POW’s in Germany.
    Now why am I writing! I refer to page 279 and the name MARTY GLICKMAN. He was on the Olympic team. He was Jewish.Avril Brundage, who was the team manager, did not want Marty to run because, as a Jew, it would antagonize Hitler. After the war Marty became a well known sports announcer. I believe there was another Olympic track star, and he too was not allowed to run, because he was Jewish.
    Some people reading your outstanding book, I am sure, have no idea about the story of ‘Marty Glickman, Jewish Track Star’.
    Respectfully, Joseph Z. Steinberg

  605. This is a wonderful book. The amount of work you invested in it is admirable. The actual writing makes it hard to put down. I am glad that you did not give any foreshadowing (that I noticed, anyway) of Japanese imprisonment. That came to me as a shock and heartbreak.
    I intend to give this book to my mother for Christmas on Kindle.
    It’s an amazing thing to be so gifted as you are, to be able to find two wonderful subject (I loved “Seabiscuit”) and then to tell the story so well. Rather than your book seeming like a scholarly biography (although certainly this is carefully researched) or seeming like a historical novel, I felt as if I became a part of Louis’ life, as if I were a family member hearing what happened from his own lips.

  606. Hello!

    I wanted to write and give my very “honest and personal” opinion of the book “Unbroken.” It is, by far, one of the best books I have ever read. When I finished the book, I was in tears. The young people of today have no idea of what went on in life back in those years. I come from a family of servicemen: My grandfather was in 3 branches of the service. He was in the Spanish/American War, World War I and II. My father was in the Navy and served on a ship in World War II and my (deceased) brother served in Viet Nam (Army). Thank you so much for the time and effort you spent in reseaching and writing this publication. I am going to recommend it to all of my “avid” reader friends.

    Susan Proctor
    Annapolis, MD

  607. Dear Laura,

    I greatly enjoyed reading Unbroken and would be honored if you would sign my personal copy of your book.

    If you would be willing to do so, I will send the book to you via FedEx and include a postage pre-paid, self-addressed FedEx mailing label that you can use to return the signed book to me.

    Please let me know if that would be OK.

    Thank you for the enjoyable reading!

    Best regards,
    Richard Castiglia
    San Diego, CA

  608. Hello Laura. Your books are an inspiration and a part of America which all should be inspired by. As a veterinarian, I found the story of Seabiscuit fascinating. Reading about Louie Zamperini was amazing. Part of his story was somewhere in the recesses of my mind from my high school track days, but your bio of him made his life, WWII and his inspiring story come alive. All who ever despair should read his story.

    If possible, I would like to ask you a favor: My 20′ish year old daughter is beset by debilitating stroke-like migraines which have derailled all of her young life’s plans. How can she contact you for your insight into an “Unbroken” life?

    Thank you

  609. I just finished Unbroken and learned so much. I loved learning about this aspect of WWII.

    After reading your books I can tell you want to uncover histories forgotten stories.. I have an idea for you it is about an Indian massacre survivor. After being orphaned and saved, she persevered and forgave her captors. There are many author intriguing events. Her name was Abbie Gardener Sharp. I have no gain in her story but would love to see in told well.

  610. I am reading Seabiscuit for the second time and it comes through as one of the very best books I have read in a long life of reading. The story, of course, is some kind of American classic, with the horse and main characters brought to life with the brush strokes of a master. But, I have come to especially appreciate the style and vividness of the writing. My copy is paper backed but I am searching for a good hardbound copy for my collection.
    And so, I send to the author my great admiration and gratitude for a wonderful book -about the America I have loved and perhaps our country’s finest athlete. Although young, I lived through the depression and the book really resonates for me. I send her my very best wishes for continued success and a wonderful life.
    Charles C. Jensch

  611. Dear Ms Hillenbrand,
    I just finished Unbroken; my wife Sandi borrowed it for her book club, and I was reading it aloud to her, but it became too much for her. Not for me; I was by turns profoundly moved, inspired, horrified, sent into deep chuckles, then horrified again. I have come to have an even deeper respect for American servicemen in WWII, and since. Your account was riveting, sensitive, with wonderful descriptions of even the most horrible of scenes. In spite of what must have been strong temptation, I never felt you overwrote, or sentimentalized… you certainly didn’t sugarcoat. I am not a Christian, and have never felt moved by Billy Graham, but from your account, I have a stronger appreciation of his sincerity and his power to inspire. I can only describe Louie’s transformation as a miracle.

    Now I really must read Seabiscuit, having heard so much about the movie. I hope you continue to bring history to life and to personalize it as you have done with Unbroken. All the best to you and yours.
    Ken Bretz,
    also a Calfornian

  612. I just finished reading this wonderful book, June, 2013. It is the most inspiring book I have read all year. I have recommended it to everyone I know. My husband read it first, after borrowing it from a neighbor. Even my pastor began her Sunday sermon 2 weeks ago talking about this UNBROKEN. Thank you for such a great story. I have a brand new appreciation of our wonderful service men. You are a wonderful writer. Thank you.

  613. The website is packed with information that is useful when utilizing the book for a freshman reader….BUT….do remember that more and more individuals are purchasing Macs and IPads.. Either several of your weblinks are not working or not at all designed for reviewing from Apple products. I do hope you can update the web to work for multiple platforms.

    Professor Susan Fecho

  614. My father was at Rocoroshi camp at the end of the war. He wrote a book on his WWII experience including the Bataan Death March and 41 months of captivity. Is there any way I could contact Louis to see if he remembers my father?

  615. A friend of mine(Vietnam veteran)handed me your book one week ago today. I finished it today and was especially moved as I made my way through Chapter 38. I likewise know the power of forgiveness and how bitterness entrapped me for many years. Louie had every right humanly speaking to seek revenge and harbor hatred for the inhumane atrocities committed against him. “If you save me, I will serve you forever.” Saint Augustine said, “Our hearts are never at rest until they rest in thee O God.” The tears fell freely as I read the last few pages of your incredibly moving book. My father and 8 of my uncles(all deceased now)served in both theaters of WWII. Awaiting orders to invade Japan from Manila, the atomic bombs changed the course of the war. Although exuberant the war had ended, the nearly 4 years had changed a young man for life. Thank you for dedicating your book to the millions of men and women who so unselfishly gave of themselves. Thank God for Louie and Phil. Words are inadequate to convey the debt I feel.

  616. Ms. Hillenbrand,

    I am just entering a career in the Air Force and a friend of my father suggested Unbroken to me. I have always loved to read, but I have never been so taken by a book. Not even Harry Potter, which I have read innumerable times, in multiple languages, nor even Gone With The Wind, which I virtually lived in for months on end. Unbroken offered to me reassurance and conviction in a time in which my parents were questioning my life choices and a good friend in the Navy had passed away. You have told the stories of Louie and Phil and Bill and so many great men that gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. And I thank you for that. I love that you so aptly tied in the motto of “Ubuntu”, meaning “I am because you are”, which to m encompasses the idea that everything happens for a reason, somewhere, someplace, sometime in this world. And the omnipotent presence of The Lord. For this book, I thank you thank you thank you (almost as Phil closed his letters to cecy).

    Becca B.

  617. This book changed my life. It is without a doubt the best book I have ever read. Louie’s and Laura’s stories are both amazing and brave. Never before have I been moved to tears so many times by a book, and never ever at its conclusion. I’m not quite sure what to do with my life now that I’ve finished it — except make sure that everyone I know reads Unbroken.

    Thank you!

  618. I have never read a more bautifully written and powerful book. Added to its wonders was finding my 1951 Navy bootcamp company commander, CPO Ernest Anthony (Tony) Duva on four separate pages as a Ofuna kitchen worker and sneaker of scarce food to Louie and his other fellow inmaes. If there’s a way of reaching him or members of his family, I’d appreciate knowing about it. Thank you for a wonderfully told story. JFM

  619. Hello,
    Have you ever been tested for Lyme’s Disease? I just finished Seabiscuit and read the interview with you and your symptoms sound like Lyme’s Disease. Although you have probably already been tested?

    Thanks for Seabiscuit, I am looking forward to reading Unbroken!

    Mary Clark

  620. Dear Ms. Hillenbrand,

    This query for your blurb comes with humble yet strong heart. I am a huge fan of your work, and have taken much strength from Unbroken, even alluded to your title and Louis Zamperini in my own novel. I hope my letter finds you comfortable and well. I can’t thank you enough for inspiring me as a writer and helping to ignite courage to face my own battle. I believe you will easily connect with my protagonist and hope to offer you inspiration as well.

    My literary novel, Surrender Flash, begins a multifaceted tale of extraordinary survival whereby Sadie Blumberg, the young fun-loving mother, must first conceive three wild marital scenarios. She’ll wholly inhabit her varying personas being ensnared by former train wreck suitors before awakening in a cloud of anesthesia to her chosen beloved. Enduring nearly a decade more of life with post-surgical symptoms from elusive medical advice, she’ll be arrested with an advanced, endometrial cancer diagnosis from a rare genetic disorder. Sharing the ultimate playlist as the hospital world dances through her life, Sadie encapsulates what it means to live honorably especially when so much is working to dissolve her. It is all for her loyal family that she never gives up the fight, and with the fortune of top rate medical staff, family and friends, she will not fail. Through her journey, several major epiphanic moments will present through the most unlikely objects: a nasogastric tube accompanied by a nature television channel, an apple offering chaplain on Rosh Hashanah while NPO, an enormous stuffed toy hung from a construction crane, a nurse administering conscious sedation, a harpist playing Stairway to Heaven next to an up escalator, and a spectacular barred owl inciting a staring contest. In the end, it is Sadie spiraling swiftly upward with a bird’s eye view poised over the horizon.

    I am an English teacher having self-published two other novels but seek a more traditional route for my latest work. The first part of Surrender Flash was written before being diagnosed with cancer and parts 2-4 as a result of subsequent treatment. Now stronger than ever, I am ready to entertain and offer privileged insights and humor through my engaging, fictional characters.

    Thank you so much if you’ve made the time and had compassion enough to read thus far. It would be a great privilege to have you craft a blurb for my book. Actually, I think I might fall out of my seat or off my feet to receive a positive reply- any reply at all really. (I do swear not to read text while driving or even walking.) If you should be so inclined, please let me know if you’d prefer an electronic version, attached or as the body of an e-mail, or hardcopy galley and where to send. I hope it is okay to impose a deadline of the first of August.

    Gratefully Yours,
    Janet Goodfriend

  621. Everyone should read this book. I have read other books on POW’s of Japan, Raid at Cabanatuan, Escape from Davao, and Death March. All these books remind us of how bad, and how good humans can be. War is not just something that we read in the papers or see in the movies, it is terribly real. Everyone needs to know this.

  622. I very much enjoyed your books ‘Seabiscuit’ and ‘Unbroken’.
    Great stories… well told. I was a youngster in the late 1930′s
    and I can recall the swell of interest by the everyone. I followed Seabiscuit’s rise to fame and of course Louie was written-up in all the papers.
    Thanks for two great reads….

  623. My comment is more of a plea for help. I have read some of Laura’s books and absolutely loved them. They were honest and showed the true emotion of each story. I especially connected with Seabiscuit, as I am a horse owner. I have a personal situation that occurred with my horse in a certain area of the horse world. I don’t have the money or emotional energy to pursue a legal case, but I feel very strongly that the involved persons should be exposed. I think the best way to do this is through literature so that my story doesn’t become someone else’s, and Laura would be perfect.

  624. Dear Laura,
    Thank you for writing such a historical treasure as Unbroken.
    This is one of the best books of our time. What a story of survival, torture and forgiveness
    that Louis exhibited throughout his life. He reminds me
    of my uncle, William Duncan, who was a “Ghost Soldier” survivor of the Bataan Death March. He
    was one of 511 survivors of the notorious Camp Cabantuan POW camp in the Philipines. He was liberated
    by the brave 6th Army Rangers.
    William like Louis was a kind and gentle man, never a bad word about anyone, despite being
    legally blind and living a life with medical issues as the result of his imprisonment.
    He graduated college and raised a family along with his wife, Effie
    Thank you for showing the world what the Greatest Genration was made of.
    Laura, keep on fighting the good fight and we are all looking forward to your next
    excellent work.
    Kurt Hildenbrandt

  625. Unbroken is the best book I have read in years. Thank you, Laura.

  626. We just finished “Unbroken” as an advanced literature survey at Faith Preparatory High School, New Milford CT. To say that the students were moved is an understatement. We laughed, we cried and the book became a part of us. We had many in depth and sensitive discussions. If dreams come true, we will get to meet Louie some day. God bless you.

  627. Dear Ms. Laura Hillenbrand,

    I am a 11th grade student who read your inspirational book, Unbroken. I read your book for my summer reading project that I need to do in order to be in an AP English class. I need your help, I am currently trying to identify what type of third person point of view you used. Was it limited or omniscient? I also want to know who the audience is. I would be pleased if you would answer my question.

    Sincerely a confused reader,
    Sabino Maldonado

  628. How poignantly fitting that I finished reading Unbroken over this Memorial Day weekend. I have never before had such an understanding of what so many people suffered for our country or such an appreciation for the sacrifice made by so many. We can tell new generations to appreciate what we have, but we don’t even know what we have some of the time! You provided the ability for us to walk beside these men and learn from their lives. By telling their stories you honored them and brought a dignity and respect back to them that many had lost.
    Overwhelmed by the monumental task of assembling a beautiful work of nonfiction like you did, I researched your story and came across the article A Sudden Illness- How My Life Changed. While I didn’t think I could be any more impressed with Unbroken and the way you delivered this story, now I have even a stronger and deeper affection toward it. I am so struck by the way that God has used you through the most painful circumstances to tell another story of resilience that our generation needed to hear. Thank you for all of your hard work in delivering this story to all of us. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for you, but what value… Thank you!

  629. Laura,

    Just wanted to say that Unbroken was absolutely fantastic. The best book I’ve ever read. It belongs at the top with all the other literary classics and I believe it should be required reading for high school lit course students. Thank you for taking me on such a marvelous and emotional journey through your words and Louis experiences. It doesn’t get any better than this. I’ve changed as a person after reading the book and what Louis went thru. Thank you for that gift.

  630. Good day Mrs Hillenbrand. I think you’re right. The war in the pacific is over shadowed by the war in Europe. My father was a K.N.I.L. sergeant. He worked at the death rail road in Birma and Thailand , during the 2nd world war, as an POW. ( KNIL = Royal Netherlands East Indies Army ) I am translating his war story into english. His story begins when my father was about 20 years old, 1938 , in Samarang, Dutch East Indies. Warm Regards,

  631. I totally agree with Fred Thomisser whose comments are below.

  632. Louis Zamperini is without doubt one of the Greatest of the “Greatest Generation”, a man who is truly a national treasure. He has been lauded with many awards for his bravery during the War, and thereafter, for his lifetime of service in preaching forgiveness and in helping others overcome their own burdens and “Birds”. Among these many awards, he has received an honorary doctorate, has had a stadium at USC named after him, as well as invitational track & field tournaments named in his honor. But to date he has NOT to my knowledge been awarded the kind of honor that is certainly his due- and that is from the Government of the United States.

    One of these awards is the Congressional Gold Medal. In fact, a Congressman introduced a bill in 2011, after having read UNBROKEN, to have Louis receive this medal. But nothing has apparently come of it.

    The other award is the Presidential Medal of Freedom, bestowed upon someone who has made a significant contribution to society, whether it be in science, in the arts, in religion, in the military, or any other important endeavor.

    Whether it be the Congressional Gold Medal or the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Louis should be considered a slam-dunk certainty to receive such an honor.

    I have already made this feeling known in emails sent to the offices of several Congressmen and Senators, as well as to the White House. If more people made this sentiment known to our elected officials in Washington, maybe they would get the message that Army Air Corp Captain Louis Zamperini should be given this high honor.

  633. I so enjoyed reading Unbroken (chosen by the neighborhood book club) I’ve never been much of a history fanatic, but have come to enjoy my daily chats with my 91 year old aunt. I can see how there are so many stories to be told. Thankfully you shared your wonderful talent to tell the story of Louis Zamberini.

  634. Would it be possible for you to send me a bookplate with your autograph on it that I might place it in my copy of “SEABISCUIT”? I collect books as a hobby and own a hardcover copy and it is a very welcome addition to my library…WILL PAY FOR THE S.A.S.E. THANK YOU very much for your time and effort

  635. Hi Laura,

    I enjoyed reading Unbroken and learning about Louis Zamperini. If you are interested in hearing about another incredible story of WWII I recommend that you contact my grandfather, Earl Anderson. He flew B-24s (The Pistol Packing Momma) out of Southern Italy (Manduria) and flew 50 missions. He was shoot down on his 50th mission after dropping his bombs over Munich, successfully leveled out his plane at 8,000 feet and all crew members parachuted out of the plane and survived the experience. Earl was captured, become of POW in Nazi Germany and was eventually liberated by General Patton. In between his first and 50th mission there were many exciting stories, for instance, the time he pulled his B-24 out of spin during a bombing raid over Ploesti and all crew members survived save one. Earl received the distinguished Fly Cross for his efforts. There is no other documented instance of pilot and/or crew surviving such a spin. Of course he is my personal hero. Earl is absolute pleasure to speak with and at 93 is full of life and enthusiasm. If you would like to speak with Earl please let me know and I would be more than happy to put you two in touch. I have included a link to a transcript of interview with Earl for a WWII veterans project.

    Best regards,

    Christopher Oliver

  636. laura, I certainly admire your talent; I seen the movie “Seabiscuit” but must admit havn’t read either book. I’m writting you for another reason; you see I too suffer from cfids/me and went threw some horrific experences because of, and am sure many others have horriable experences, too. Anyway I have a dream to help some people; but I will/do need some help getting taken serious If you have any ideas that might help my email is thank you sincerely

  637. Happy Birthday Laura!!! Unbroken is One of the Greatest books i have ever read:-)Peace!

  638. I’m sure you have heard it a million times and you will a million more, but I just have to tell you how much I love both “Seabiscut” and “Unbroken”. They are fascinating, heart breaking, heart warming, and all around superb works. I recommend them to all of my friends especially those who don’t usually read. Thank you for sh